Antique Graphics Wednesday – 1912 Feminine Frame

Anyone want to take a guess what kind of advertisement
this pretty image came from?
It was a 1912 advertisement for medicine to treat corns!
Apparently corns were a real problem in the early 1900’s because
I have a stack of these magazines and all of them have
several advertisements from various companies for corn plasters.
I think the frame would make a pretty greeting card or post card.
Just add your own note in the space where I removed the text.
Check out the rest of the images I’ve posted in previous weeks
by clicking on the tab “Antique Graphics to Print”, located under my header.
I’ll be sharing at these parties this week:
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  1. Too funny! Love all of these graphics. I really enjoyed seeing your kitchen project. I love the open shelf…but can you reach the dishes..I couldn’t:) And that table is darling…it is perfect for that spot! Glad you never got rid of it?!
    THANKS for the spotlight of my porch a few weeks back…I really am honored!

  2. What a hoot! Thanks for sharing.:) xoxo

  3. Yup, that’s what’s missing from today’s magazines…. advertisements for bunions and corns!


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