Antique Graphics Wednesday – 1910 Roach Killer Advertisement

Here’s a creepy crawly illustration from a
roach killer advertisement from a 1910 “The Housekeeper” magazine.
It’s creepy enough for some Halloween projects.
This is the complete advertisement, in the natural color tone.
I have no idea what “electric” paste was, but if
I could sympathize with a roach, (and I can’t)
I’d feel a little sorry for this guy who is loosing limbs as he walks
away from the stuff.
This interesting advertisement was sent
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  1. WOW Angie … that guy is really scary. Great for Halloween. You see things in those magazines that I would never have seen. Glad you are using them and sharing with the Bloggers.
    Thanks for mentioning Timeless Treasures. So happy that I sent you the magazines and papers.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. We call these Palmetto bugs and the worst thing about them? They fly! Love the illustration though!

  3. I love it and will use it for my Halloween decoration. Thanks so much Angie!

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