Vintage Cradle Makeover

After sharing the adorable little toddler’s chair with you recently (which sold!), I felt motivated to work on this vintage cradle I bought during the summer.    I brainstormed a few ideas about turning it into something different, like a shelf, but I finally decided to update the look with paint, and add a little detail.

vintage cradle

I used Prairie Sunset color by Fusion Mineral Paint that is such a soft, pretty yellow.  I did just a bit of distressing to keep its vintage look, but made sure not to go overboard with it.

vintage cradle

I added the same wreath graphic that I use on my grain pillows, but didn’t put a number inside the wreath, as I normally do.

wreath graphic

It’s available in my online shop HERE.

painted vintage cradle

signature closing

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  1. Tammy Neumann says:

    Where do you purchase this paint? Love the color. Thanks.

  2. nice

  3. Adorable! I love the color and the hand painted design, just perfect.

  4. Well, that is just darling!
    I’m not one bit surprised that it sold so quickly… nice job, it truly looks much older than you originally told us!

  5. I am fan of your blog
    What a pretty little beb
    I am french
    Excuse my poor english

  6. 1,000 times better. No wonder it sold so fast. The soft yellow is beautiful. Great job. ❤️

  7. Really pretty. I just enjoy so much seeing the creative ways you remake old things.

  8. Been following you for a little while and I just love everything about this darling little cradle, Angie! You are so creative!

  9. Angie- What an adorable cradle! Much improved from the original. When you first mentioned yellow, I thought, oh no! But it is just right, especially with the stencilling and the distressing. Great job!!!

  10. That is beautiful! I enjoy our blog so much! Thank you for all the inspiration!

  11. Just beautiful and a great inspiration to redo a doll cradle I have in my basement.

  12. I thought the cradle was beautiful as is, umtil I saw what a lovely colour you painted it. No wonder it sold so quickly

  13. sold already??? :0) good for you.
    I love the color…but shipping something this size must be a challenge.

  14. Turned out great, love the color for it keep it simple and pretty.

  15. Patty Soriano says:

    I wish I could finish projects as quickly as you do, Angie. And it turned out so well! no wonder it flew out the window so quickly ! LOVE watching what you do with everything you find. Thanks for sharing with us !

  16. Love the color Angie and the simple design on the end. No wonder it sold so quickly. Bet that was not fun to pack for shipping.
    Audrey Z.

  17. Marlene Stephenson says:

    The cradle is so cute,i love it,and for you i am glad it sold.Love that color.Thanks.

  18. Absolutely adorable!! You did a beautiful job on that piece. I love it!

  19. I came out great and I bet it sells quickly too. Love the color you chose.
    Barbara Ann

  20. Oh wow, I actually have my great aunt’s baby bed that is all metal and it is this color. It is about 3′ long and 2′ wide with adjustable rails and springs. I use it in my sewing room to store fabrics. I am not sure how I ever ended up with it, but it is something I do treasure and seeing your yellow makeover made me smile!

  21. Sooo… I just came home with a similar piece…a crib! Spindle legs are so similar and the wider “headboard piece has a Dutch Girl appliqué. Any idea of the period?

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