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I’ve sold quite a few barn pulleys over the last few years, but after I listed this one in my shop, I had second thoughts.

I loved the shape, and the patina on the wooden wheel.  The more I looked at it, the more second thoughts I had, so I withdrew the listing.  I had a feeling I’d regret it if it sold.

antique  barn pulley

I finally pulled it out last week, and turned it into a hanging barn pulley light.

It’s the easiest project to do, because all you need to do is take a length of twisted cloth electric cord, and add an electric plug on one end, and a light light socket on the other end of the cord.  No fancy tools or special skills are necessary!

Edison bulb

I had a big rusty hook in my stockpile, which made a perfect hanger for it.

barn repurposed pulley

I prefer to use natural daylight light bulbs throughout my house, but since the bulb is so visible on barn pulley lights, I’m using one like an Edison bulb instead.  I’ll be using this as more of an accent light than a main light anyway, so that’s okay.  I’m so glad I went with my gut instinct, and kept the pulley for myself.  I have it hanging in my entryway right now, but once our bedroom remodel is finished, I’ll probably use it in there.

barn pulley light

Old barn pulleys can usually be found on Etsy and Ebay for anywhere between $20 and $50.  I’ve always gotten mine at auctions.

I get all my old-fashioned lighting supplies from Vintage Wire and Supply Co.  Their 8 ft. cloth covered cord kit is only $12, and includes a vintage style wall plug.  All you need to add is a bulb socket (which they also carry), then wrap the cord around a pulley wheel, and you have a finished barn pulley light – ready to hang!

signature pin it

DIY barn pulley light

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repurposed vintage

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How clever and imaginative is this? You have me kicking myself now that I didn’t bid on any of the pulleys at the last auction…they had about six of them and they wound up going for $25 each, which according to the Etsy prices you stated, is a fair price. I’ll be watching for them now, you can bet…I’d love to try this! Thank you for sharing this wonderful project as well as the links to the materials used because that will definitely come in handy!

I just have to say, I love this. I mean it has everything that I love…..vintage pulley, large vintage hook, and an Edison bulb. A simple project without lots of tools, it’s the project for me. I have a pulley and hooks also and I will probably hate It when they sell. I have thought about pulley myself several times.

Hey Angie … love your light. The pulley is beautiful.
Congratulations on being featured by Diana at Adirondack Girl @ Heart. She does a beautiful job on her features. Well deserved, my friend.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures