Farmhouse Friday – Baskets and Bins

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One of my favorite repurposed baskets was this old bicycle basket.  I sold it a few months ago, and would love to find another like it.

(See more Wire Baskets HERE)

vintage bicycle basket

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  1. Lots of eye candy and inspiration in this post, Angie! I just happen to have a single sewing machine leg…love your idea!

  2. Lots of inspiration here.

  3. Every time I walk into Homegoods I go straight for the storage department. I love your inspiration pictures.

  4. Always love seeing what you do with all the beautiful vintage items. I read all of your posts and love your blog, I just usually don’t comment but wanted to let you know your blog and work is wonderful! Have been praying for your dad and hope he is feeling much better now.

    Many Blessings to you, Candy

  5. I have always been in awe of the way you make something so functional and beautiful out of old baking pans…what a great addition to any room for storage that is also aesthetically pleasing!

    I wish that I had the old galvanized tub my mother used for washing…or the old galvanized pails we had…now they seem to be very hard to find and, when you do find them, they cost a pretty penny. I guess, in a way, that is good news because it just goes to show that old, galvanized, metal articles are receiving the attention they so richly deserve. Gosh, I just LOVE the look of the strong metal holding the soft blankets…what great texture that would add to a room! Thank you sooooooooo very much for yet another Farmhouse Friday!

  6. Love all these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  7. J. Nelson says:

    Angie, Where can I find a nesting box like the one you have on your blog?

  8. Where can I get the large wall pocket basket in photo five? Been looking bit no luck. Thx!

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