Recycling Projects: 20+ Amazing Tin Can Projects

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Tin Can Rope Vase

by Our House Now a Home

Tin Can Rope Vase: 20+ Creative Ways to Repurpse Tin Cans |

Tin Can Outdoor Lighting

by The Heathered Nest

Tin Can Outdoor Lighting: 20+ Creative Ways to Repurpse Tin Cans |

Concrete Vases from Tin Cans

by Love Create Celebrate

Concrete Vases from Tin Cans: 20+ Creative Ways to Repurpse Tin Cans |

Rustic Burlap and Paint Vase

by TheBookdocks Blog

Rustic Burlap and Paint Vase: 20+ Creative Ways to Repurpse Tin Cans |

Faux Copper Tin Can Vases

by Dimples and Tangles

Faux Copper Tin Can Vases: 20+ Creative Ways to Repurpse Tin Cans |


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  1. Angie thanks for including my burlap tin can in your roundup. Have a great weekend.

  2. Nancy Hawks says:

    Amen! I live in the country and I agree. The internet thing is the worst. It can make you crazy, but then I take a walk and see turkeys, deer or a fox family and the flustration disappears. The crops are so beautiful this time of year and sitting by my pond is heaven, so I will take the country any day. Love your blog.

  3. These projects all look so great! And I love love love the outdoor lighting one!!! You are so right about slow internet and gravel roads, lol!! And pizza delivery….I miss pizza delivery 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for including my project, Angie! Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I agree Angie, the internet service is the pits. But then I visit my son in Dallas & even with great internet service I am so glad to come home to the country even with the gravel roads, dirty car & slow internet.

    • So true, Karen. Every time I visit my family in New Mexico, we are in Albuquerque a lot, and I don’t miss that hectic driving one little bit! I’ll take gravel roads over crazy drivers any day!

  6. Catherine says:

    You are so right about the slow internet and dirt roads, we are 18 miles from the pavement. The man at the tire store loves us!

    • Oh my gosh, I don’t think I could handle driving 18 miles to hit pavement, Catherine. Our drive is short from pavement to our house. I’m sure the tire guy does love yo!

  7. Elaine Condon says:

    love the idea of using cans for the cutlery….going to save the bigger around peanut cans from Costco to use for plastic ware at a large gathering. Also, appreciate that you had the handles on the outside – hate it when people put the ‘eating’ part where everyone can touch them!!!!

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