Talk of the Town #65

It’s been a busy, busy week around my house with lots of projects in the works, and it looks like spring fever has hit everyone else too! Welcome back to Talk of the Town! First, let’s take a look at what you may have missed from your party hosts! Repurposed Coffee Pot Succulent Terrarium Tutorial Affordable Kitchen Gift Ideas & Thoughtful Gift-Giving Tips Farmhouse Pallet Wood Tray Tutorial How to Plan a Fun Movie Night and $50 Walmart Gift Card {Read More}

Spring Has Sprung! |Talk of the Town #64

HAPPY SPRING! I want to just shout that from the rooftops! I feel like I come alive when winter is officially over, and thankfully, we’ve been getting spring-like weather in my neck of the woods.  I hope you are too, and our features this week will really help you get your spring on. Welcome back to Talk of the Town! First, let’s take a look at what you may have missed from your party hosts! DIY Spring Projects and Free {Read More}

Talk of the Town #62

I want to take a minute to thank everyone who left such loving comments about the loss of my daughter’s dog Jake, and for sharing your own stories of your beloved dogs. Dogs truly are members of our families, and losing them hurts. I really find that sharing their story helps, and so does hearing others’ stories.  So thank you again so much!

How to DIY a Rusty Sign, Housekeeping Tips & More | Talk of the Town #61

Hey everyone!  Is winter slowly slinking off into its corner where you live?  We’ve had some wind and rain lately, but also some really lovely temperatures that make me want to sing and dance outdoors.  The coyotes might start howling if I did, so I’ll resist the urge.  I’m not a winter person unless I’m sitting indoors watching it snow in the comfort of a snugly blanket, so I’m happily waiving “adios” to it. We have some exciting things happening in our {Read More}

Talk of the Town #60

Has spring made an appearance where you live? Other than getting some much needed rain, we’ve had several days of amazingly beautiful weather. I know winter might rear its cold head again, but I’m just going to enjoy our dose of early spring as much as I can. I can’t wait to be able to throw open windows and doors, enjoy fresh air and sunshine, and do some spring cleaning. On that note, it’s time to see what’s fresh and {Read More}

Talk of the Town #59

Have you ever had a project that just refused to cooperate with you? I’m working on one of those right now, and I’m pulling my hair out.  I thought it would be a pretty simple project (and it should have been), but I thought wrong. I’m either going to win the battle or end up bald. 🙂 If I fail, I guess we’ll have some firewood for our next bonfire.

Valentines Decor & Mother of the Groom Clothing Questions | Talk of the Town #58

It just hit me today that my oldest son’s wedding is about four months away, and I don’t have a clue what I’m going to wear. I dress up maybe once a year, at the very most, and even then what I wear is really just my “Sunday best” (which I rarely even wear on Sundays), and isn’t really dress attire. All that to say, I can’t remember the last time I had to shop for a really nice garment {Read More}

String Art Heartbeats, Command Center & More Talk of the Town #57

My youngest son had  to go to school and work on his birthday, so we didn’t really get so celebrate, so we took a little field trip as a belated celebration. We went to see the Titanic exhibit that was on display a few hours away from our home, and did some shopping so he could spend some of his birthday money. The Titanic was a little more pricey than normal museum fees, but I’m really glad we went. We each {Read More}

DIY Benches, Love Letters & More – Talk of the Town # 56

Hey everyone! We have a new member in our family that I can’t wait to show you, but I goofed when I took photos and forgot to put my memory card in the camera and didn’t realize it until I went to edit the photos and realized there were none. 🙂  Oops! I’d like to say things like that are rare occurrences, but it’s embarrassing how often I do forgetful things like that.

Talk of the Town #55 & Giveaway Winner!

Before we get to the party this week, I want to thank everyone who left me such sweet comments on my birthday a few days ago – it totally made my day! We also have a winner for my stencil starter kit giveaway, so be sure to check at the bottom of this post to see if you were the winner. Now, let’s get on with the party, because we have some great features this week. Welcome back to Talk of {Read More}

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