Painting, Pallet Wood and a Farmhouse Accent Table

Have you ever had something that was just begging for a makeover, but you needed some time to decide whether it needed painting, or decoupaging, or glittering? So you thought, and thought, and thought about it…      for two years? Please tell me you sometimes have to think that long too. Well, this is the story of a little table that finally got the makeover it waited two whole years to get.

Vintage School Desk Makeover

    I’ve been given several old school desks  over the years, from people whose kids had outgrown them.  I often repurpose parts of them, like the antique alphabet school page sign I made from the top of another desk, but this one didn’t have any parts that were easily removable, so it would get a makeover instead. All in all, it was in decent condition, but a child had scratched some words into the top of the desk, and the “greige” color {Read More}

Grain Sack Bar Stool – Before and After

It was half-price day at our local thrift store, and my husband spotted this slat back stool and brought it home for me.  I love this style of stool, but I didn’t love the vinyl seat cushion or the chrome foot rest bar, so a makeover was definitely in order. Thankfully, the cushion was still in good condition, so it was going to be a quick and easy project to recover it…or so I thought. I painted the base solid {Read More}

Grain Sack Wicker Sofa … Before, During & After

There is something really rewarding about tackling a project you’ve never attempted before, and this antique sofa was definitely a first for me. Let me preface this post by saying that my grandfather was a professional upholsterer…I am not. My mother is a retired professional drapery seamstress…I am not. I have marginal sewing skills and no upholstery skills, other than recovering a few chair seat cushions.  I’m not a restorer of antique furniture.  I’m more of a “try to make it {Read More}

{Primping in the Ladies’ Room}

 Several weeks ago, I gave you glimpses of the project I thought I would be showing you within a day or two. I should have known that was a stretch, but I’ve been chomping at the bit and I guess I hoped if I blogged about it, the project would be completed sooner. Well, it took longer than I’d hoped and I really wanted to be able to photograph the room with a wide-angle lens, but there comes a point {Read More}

Beauty in the Beast

Here’s the beauty That was in this”beast”. My daughter’s friend said it looked like a coffin. I wasn’t sure if wanted to try to save it, or take it aparat it to and use the parts for other projects. I pondered it for several days. It was so structurally sound that I hated to destroy it as a whole piece of furniture, so I decided I’d see what I could do with it. The veneer on top was beyond working with, so {Read More}

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