Vintage Cutting Board Kitchen Chalk Board

Vintage Cutting Board Kitchen Chalk Board Here’s a little randomness I learned this week … Did you know a group of cats is called a clowder and a litter of kittens is called a kindle? That has absolutely nothing to do with today’s project, but we have two new baby kittens (which I’ll share more about later), and my daughter told me that random bit of trivia, so of course I had to share it. 🙂 Okay, back to my {Read More}

Has the “thrift” Gone Out of Thrift Stores?

I used to be a die-hard thrift store shopper, but over the last year or so, I’ve discovered that unless you are looking for used clothes, paperback books or ugly dishes, thrift stores are starting to hike up the prices on many things.  Normally you expect to pay more at thrift stores than you would at a garage sale, but he prices were still very reasonable and affordable, but isn’t always the case these days. For example I used to buy vintage {Read More}

Hey Hallmark, I have a movie idea for you…

What does a camp stool and summer break have in common? Without peeking below, what would your answer be? I’d bet a plate full of S’mores that your answer is “camping”.           Am I right? Am I?

DIY Chalkboard Christmas Canvas with Free Printable

During the drive to Arkansas to pick up my son last week, while my older son was driving, I was busy working on another Christmas project.  I hope you aren’t sick of seeing them, because I just can’t seem to stop working on them.  I wanted to make another canvas project, like the family photo I did on canvas a few months ago, but with a chalkboard Christmas image instead. To design the printable, I used my chalkboard background (found {Read More}

Saying Grace … 4 Chalkboard Art Mealtime Prayer Printables

I think our family must be going out to eat too often, because lately I keep finding inspiration for projects from paper placemats while dining out. We went out for breakfast on the day my middle son had to return to college, after Thanksgiving break.  On the table were paper placemats, that had the mealtime prayers of 4 different faiths on them – you don’t see that very often, do you?

Repurposed Antique Cabinet Door into Chalkboard

We got about 5-6″ of snow Friday night and Saturday morning, so it looks like a winter wonderland outside my house.  The roads are all clear now, but being snowed in all day Saturday had its benefits – one of which was being able to stay home and get a lot of work done. I started sewing new Christmas stockings for my family, and started working on a book page wreath and a chalkboard that some customers ordered.  I created a {Read More}

Sidewalk Chalkboard from Wooden Folding Chairs

How to turn a wooden folding chair into a standing chalkboard. Today, I want to show you one of my favorite kinds of projects.  I seek out broken things at yard sales, thrift stores, and auctions, because I get a real kick out of taking something broken and turning it into something usable again. You may recall that last fall I bought 35+ antique wooden folding chairs at an auction.  I sold all of them that were still in good {Read More}

Chalkboard Windows & Frames

After creating signs on several of my antique windows, I switched gears this week and turned some that had broken panes into chalkboards.  I bought a big sheet of luan at Lowes (in the plywood section of the store) and had them cut pieces to the sizes I needed for several windows (less than $14 for the sheet, which is enough to do 3-4 windows, with lots of smaller pieces to use on other projects).  I’m a horrible chalkboard artist, {Read More}

Antique Cabinet Door Chalkboard

When I brought home my hoard of antique windows recently, and did some dumpster diving in the salvage that was torn out of a very old building, I found a lovely old cabinet door buried in the dumpster. The inset panel made it perfect for converting into a chalkboard, so I did a dry-brushed coat of white paint over the frame and added a drawer pull to the bottom to hold the chalk. I was sorta hoping it wouldn’t sell, {Read More}

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