DIY Christmas Gifts | Snowballs for Sale Gift Can

When I realized how tight our budget needs to be this Christmas, I started feeling like Mr. Grinch, but rather than whine and feel grumpy, I decided to ask you all for your best DIY Christmas gifts that are really inexpensive or free to make. I know my readers are some of the thriftiest and most creative people around, so I’d love to hear about gifts you’ve made or gifts you’ve received that were your favorites. I’m all ears and can’t {Read More}

Mistletoe Christmas Crate & Cat on the Naughty List

Have you ever watched adorable little children waiting in line for their turn to sit on Santa’s lap, then one of those sweet little cherubs climbs on and proceeds to pull Santa’s beard and push on his belly, just to see if it’s real? Well, if our new little cat was a child, she’d be THAT child. Don’t let looks deceive you. She looks sweet now, but you don’t know what she’s put me through today. I was trying to {Read More}

DIY Christmas Decorations | TotT #49

It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas at my house … finally. I really wasn’t feeling motivated to decorate, but my daughter had a few days off from work and insisted we get busy. We got the tree out of the attic and put the lights on it, and are putting the decorations on right now. While I do that, let’s take a look at some DIY Christmas decorations.  You’re sure to see a few you’ll want to make {Read More}

Hot Chocolate Recipe DIY Chalkboard and Cocoa Bar

My family has been craving hot cocoa, but rather than buy packs at the grocery store, or the even more expensive version from Starbucks, I decided to display a homemade hot chocolate recipe on a pallet frame chalkboard. I plan to make a batch of the homemade mix for each of my kids and attach the recipe card to it. Here’s how I made the hot chocolate recipe chalkboard: I cut pallet wood into two 29″ lengths and two shorter 18″ lengths. I attached the two {Read More}

Simple Christmas Candle Centerpiece

This year the topic of discussion at our Thanksgiving table was all things wedding related. Wedding dates, wedding venues, and wedding colors. One of my sons is engaged, another son is planning to get engaged soon, and so is my niece. I’m overjoyed. Truly. But between bites of turkey and mashed potatoes, my mind was seeing dollar signs lined up like a slot machine. I knew I’d need to tighten my budget’s belt now for all those wedding expenses we will {Read More}

Homemade Christmas Gifts & Decor

My blog has been a bit quiet the past week, because I decided to take the week off and just enjoy spending time with my family. My mom has been here for the last week, and my husband’s dad arrived the day before Thanksgiving. My oldest son’s fiance flew in to be with us, and my middle son came home from college with his soon-to-be fiance.  Every space around my new farmhouse table was filled, and that’s just the way I {Read More}

Black Friday Giveaways, Sales and Uncommon Gifts

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Are any of you planning to hit any Black Friday sales? I stopped going to stores on Black Friday years ago. I don’t do super late nights, crazy early mornings, crowds, or packed parking lots. I’d much rather shop online, stay home in my sweatpants, and eat leftovers all day. 🙂 Whether you love Black Friday sales or prefer to stay home like me, I’ve got several wonderful giveaways for you today, as well as online sales and unique {Read More}

Holiday Shopping Guide | Farmhouse Style

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? I’ve only purchased a few things and am struggling for gift ideas for most of my family. What makes it even harder is that my daughter has a Christmas Eve birthday, and my youngest son’s birthday is in January, so I really need to get busy. I thought it would be fun to put together a holiday shopping guide of things I love, because I know many of you love farmhouse style as much {Read More}

Woodland Christmas Guest Room Tour

I’m going to test your literary knowledge today, okay? I’m going to quote a paragraph from a book, and you see if you can tell me what book it’s from. It’s a classic, so I think most of you will know it. Here we go …

Birch Tree Bark Trends I’m Loving Right Now

“I’d like to go by climbing a birch tree~ And climb black branches up a snow-white trunk Toward heaven, till the tree could bear no more, But dipped its top and set me down again. That would be good both going and coming back. One could do worse than be a swinger of birches.” ~ Robert Frost Here’s a little known fact about me. I’m a tree hugger. No, I’ve never chained myself to a tree to save it from {Read More}

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