Window Flower Box for the Guest House

There are things we know we should never, ever do.  Things we’ve known since we were young. Things like: Never cross the street without looking both ways first. Never interrupt someone while they are talking. And whatever you do, never, ever, ever go shopping on an empty stomach, because if you get to the store and it’s the day they are offering free samples, you’ll get home, unpack your groceries, and realize you bought 10 pounds of amazing raspberry cheddar gourmet cheese, a 48-count case {Read More}

Farmhouse Flowers Printables

It’s been rainy, cold and dreary here in the Midwest, and since it’s too wet to do anything outside, I brainstormed what project I could work on indoors, and  I remembered some farmhouse style photos I took last year, and realized I had a really easy project I could make with them. Farmhouse Flowers in Pitchers Printables

Salvage I Never Thought I’d Never Find a Use For!

It’s finally warmed up enough, that I ventured out into my junk shop (which would be a workshop if I ever get it cleaned and organized, and started rummaging through my stockpile of salvage. I’m still trying to get my  creative mojo groove back, and repurposing junk usually does that for me. I spotted a piece of salvage that’s been taunting me for a long time. Do you know what it is? If you guessed it’s an piece from an antique sewing {Read More}

When Creativity Takes a Nosedive

I was so glad to get home last week, and couldn’t wait to dive into some new projects. The  long drive home I planned what I would work on first. So,  what amazing projects have I completed in that week?

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