Fall Crafts & Decorating Ideas There’s Still Time to Make!

Every year I have the same dream.  I dream that I’m going to create all kinds of cute and amazing fall crafts and do lots of cozy decorating throughout my home.  And in my dream it is all done by the first week of fall so we can enjoy it through the whole season. … And then I wake up.

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Vintage Halloween Printable Rook Image

This antique book plate makes a spooky Halloween printable and has a solemn-looking Rook perched high on a branch.  Use him in a vignette, as a framed print, a card, or used on a banner.

Halloween Skeleton Images -1893 Gray’s Anatomy Illustrations

Today’s images come from a 1893 Gray’s Anatomy book that is filled with fascinating medical illustrations. These are wonderful to frame as unusual wall art, but would be great for altered art projects and Halloween skeleton images printables. I’d love to hear about it if you create something fun with these! Blessings, Angie

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