Window Flower Box for the Guest House

There are things we know we should never, ever do.  Things we’ve known since we were young. Things like: Never cross the street without looking both ways first. Never interrupt someone while they are talking. And whatever you do, never, ever, ever go shopping on an empty stomach, because if you get to the store and it’s the day they are offering free samples, you’ll get home, unpack your groceries, and realize you bought 10 pounds of amazing raspberry cheddar gourmet cheese, a 48-count case {Read More}

Make a Hanging Rustic Storage Crate, or Three!

Make Hanging Rustic Storage Crate The farmers have been out getting their fields ready for planting in my neck of the woods, and the other day I was thinking about a talk I had with my dad just a few days before he passed away. He was becoming increasingly confused, but one morning he was fairly alert, and I wanted to engage him as much as I could while it lasted. I recruited my niece and nephew to assist me, and gave them a {Read More}

Easy Rustic Handled Coffee Tray

The last few months of my dad’s life, his internal clock got a bit out of whack.  While he was still able to walk by himself, he’d wake up in the wee hours of the morning, make some coffee, and park himself in the recliner to drink it. He usually fell asleep with it in his hand, and my sister and I often tried to remove the cup so he wouldn’t burn himself, but the moment he felt the cup move, {Read More}

Industrial, Cabin and Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse homes are my favorite style of house, but if I could get a 2nd house, I would love to have either a mountain log cabin, or an urban industrial loft. I like to come up with ways to integrate the different styles I love into the home I have, so when I spotted a corrugated metal and wood framed mirror at Decor Steals, it reminded me that I still had some corrugated metal left over from our shed-turned-guest room remodel. I don’t know what {Read More}

Cats Versus Pooch : DIY Perch for Cats

Today’s project has abolutely nothing to do with Christmas, but it has everything to do with peace on earth (or at least peace in my house), because there’s a battle raging at my house between our dogs and cats. Well, it’s actually only a battle between both of our cats and one of our dogs, but it’s driving me crazy. The youngest of our four dogs is the troublemaker in the family, and she keeps raiding the cat’s food bowl.  It does’t matter {Read More}

Make Rustic Christmas Shelf with Scrap Wood

Well, with Thanksgiving behind us, it’s now the time that sends terror into the hearts of procrastinators around the world (like myself). It’s officially the Christmas season. It’s officially the Christmas season and I haven’t bought one. single. gift. … No, not one. So, did I rush out to hit Black Friday sales today?

A Junky Sign on Pallet Wood

A few days ago, I spotted these wooden letters that I thought would make a cool sign.  I thought I’d make a basic “HOME” sign on pallet wood, but when I started playing around with them, it morphed into a totally new direction…

Entryway Makeover Progress

Things were going wonderful on our entryway makeover. My husband had brought home a trailer full of pallets. He cut them all apart, and got 2 walls in the entryway done.  He made me a built in cabinet to store paint that I use frequently, and I was loving it. It was the pallet wood entryway of my dreams…

Vintage Inspiration Party #208 – Pallet Wood Table, Wooden Pumpkins and more!!

Welcome back to the VIP! We have some wonderful upcycled, repurposed and vintage decor features this week we know you’ll love! Take a look at what your hosts have been up to recently! Connect with My Salvaged Treasures – Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram Stenciled Window Screens Connect with Bliss Ranch – Facebook / Pinterest / Twitter / Instagram / Hometalk Faux Copper Candlestick Connect with Organized Clutter – Facebook / Pinterest / Twitter / Instagram Three Thrift Shop Makeovers {Read More}

it is well with my soul sign stencil

Happy weekend everyone! I have a new sign stencil to introduce in my line that I hope you’ll love. One of my most popular free images is the It is Well with My Soul photograph (download HERE), so I wanted to make an inspirational sign stencil with the same title. I used the stencil on this pallet wood coat hook, and love how it turned out, so I want to show  you how super easy it is to make one of {Read More}

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