Thrift Store Makeovers and No More Complaining

I’m so glad my son wasn’t with me last week when I went to the thrift store. If he was, I’d be eating crow right now. I almost never find good deals there these days. I’ve ranted about it before, so I won’t rehash it. Since he’s usually in the car with me, he hears me gripe about the prices every time I shop there. He rolls his eyes. I ignore him and continue griping. I need to get it {Read More}

Sunflowers in Junk to Cheer Me Up

Well, my weekend plans took a nosedive, but sunflowers came to my rescue. I was feeling kind of down in the dumps, because my daughter and I had planned to go camping,  and I was looking forward to stepping away from all my projects and unplugging from the computer. But rain was predicted, so I had to find a new plan.

House Numbers Sign Hanging Planter

When you live in the country, giving someone directions to your house can be tricky. There aren’t many landmarks to look for, unless you count fields of corn or barns. So my directions usually sound something like this… “Turn at the 5-way, go past three fields of corn on your left and two fields of soybeans on your right. When you spot the water town in the distance, turn left.” See the problem?

Potting Bench from Old Work Table Reveal

Recently I asked for your ideas for the old work table we found in our barn.  Several of you suggested turning it into a potting bench, and my husband and I thought that sounded like a great idea, given it’s short height. Here’s how it started out.

Beauty Salon Makeover for an Old Oil Heater

When I was a little girl, I loved going with my mom to the beauty salon. I remember the mint green walls in the salon. I remember the long row of hooded hair dryers. And I remember watching in fascination as the beautician teased mom’s hair into a beehive.  And I distinctly remember the smell of all the Aqua Net required to keep the beehive in place. My mom could rock a beehive! It’s amazing how you can walk into {Read More}

If At First You Don’t Succeed … Do Something Else!

So… I made fabric covered books over the weekend. I didn’t intend to make fabric covered books.  I was trying to make a  ticking pillowcase.   See why I don’t like to sew? A lot of my projects start out as one thing, and end up something else, all because the first project was a failure. I know… how could I mess up a pillowcase? My mom informed me that it’s one of the easiest sewing projects in the world. {Read More}

DIY Wall Art With Your Own Custom Message

There are lots of ways to make signs, but if you want a simple and inexpensive method, I’ve got a DIY wall art project today that can be customized with your own special quote or message! You don’t need any special equipment, you just need a piece of wood for the sign, paint, stickers, glue and a paintbrush.

DIY Coat Rack + Windmill Wall Decor Giveaway

Cue the Pointer Sisters, because I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! 🙂 I’ve got a DIY coat rack project to show you (which I’m head over heals in love with), I’ve teamed up with the Farmhouse Friends team again this month (you’ll see all their projects below), and we’ve got a giveaway that’ll blow you away (pun totally intended)!  Enter to win at the end of this post! But first, let me give you the back story on the coat {Read More}

How Not to Give a Folding Chair a Makeover

I woke up yesterday morning on a mission. I was going to march straight out to my workshop, grab the first piece of junk I laid eyes on, and do something amazing with it. I wouldn’t look at Facebook or check my email first. Junk first – Facebook later. That WAS the plan…

Junky Door Wall Vase

Last year, we decided to get a new quote on our house insurance. It seemed like a great idea … until the insurance man showed up at my door. He showed up at my door unannounced. He showed up at my door unannounced … with his camera. I stood in the doorway, babbling like an idiot, about why that wasn’t a good day, and could he come back next week?

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