Pallet Wood Bathtub Table

I’m a die-hard bathtub soaker, and always have been.  If I had to guess, I’d say that at least 75% of my blog posts have been written while soaking in my bathtub.  It’s the one place in the house where I don’t get distracted by people, the tv, or the phone, so I can concentrate, and relax at the same time. A bathtub table is a must for me, and I’ve had several of them over the years.  Both were made my {Read More}

Salvaged Drawer Front Farm Sign

I really want to start spring cleaning, so I committed last week that I would either repurpose all the salvaged wood and supplies that have been cluttering up my entryway, or I would carry them out to my workshop.  I’m happy to report that I was able to use most of them in new projects, and very few needed to be returned to the workshop. I plan to limit the number of projects I work on at a time, so my house doesn’t get {Read More}

A Fresh New Batch of Farmhouse Signs

The problem with being a multi-tasker, is sometimes I have WAY too many projects going on at one time, and before I know it, they’ve overtaken my house. I’d be mortified if anyone dropped in unexpectedly right now, so I’m on a mission to get projects finished from all the pieces I’ve drug into my house – before the week is over. Anything that isn’t done before this week is up, is getting taken back out to my workshop.  I hate to {Read More}

Pretty Kitties, a Crate Disguise, and a $100 Visa Card Giveaway

Our two cats have a knack for photo bombing when I’m taking pictures for the blog or my Etsy shop.  Last week, I was working on a project, and I turned around to grab my camera off the counter behind me.  By the time I turned back around, there was already a cat making herself comfy right next to my project.  They do this constantly! While I officially introduce them to you today, I’m also going to talk about another kind of bombing {Read More}

My Dream Barn Door … in mini version

I’m not a super “wanty” person (is that a word?) but I want a barn door in my house     …and I want one bad. What does it matter that we really don’t have any space to put one? I’m still holding out the hope that somehow I can talk my husband into making one. I’ll figure out the little details, like where we’d install it … later. While I patiently wait for him to agree with me that we {Read More}

Sweet and Simple Wood Scrap Wall Hook

During the summer, when I taught a “junk art” class at church summer camp, I taught the kids how to make a Nail Head Initial Art (seen here).  I pre-cut the wood pieces before class, and the kids stained the wood, and did the nail art.    A few days ago, I discovered a piece of that wood that I used as a sample.  Since it was already stained, I figured I should make a quick project with it, rather than add it {Read More}

DIY Lavender sign

Ever since I started dreaming of the future lavender harvest I hope to have, thoughts of lavender keep creeping into my mind, so I had to do something lavenderish (spell check says that isn’t a word – it should be!)  I’m going to think positive that I’ll have lots of lovely lavender soon, but in the meantime, I made a new lavender sign for my obsession. I grabbed an old board in my stash, and put a light coat of light {Read More}

Clementine Crate Makeover

I love projects that don’t cost me a cent, are easy, and end up being so pretty, I’m left wondering why I didn’t make them a long time ago.  This is one of those projects!  I’ve had this clementine crate for over 3 years now.  It was filled with fruit, which I used when I was styling my kitchen for the photos in my kitchen remodel post (seen HERE).  It was torture for my kids not to eat the fruit {Read More}

Salvaged Wood Organization Station

I used to be super duper organized when it came to mundane tasks…like paying bills, meal planning, and Christmas and grocery shopping. Used.  To.  Be. ~ On Dec. 26th every year, I started my new Christmas shopping list, so whenever the kids mentioned something they wanted, I added it to the list, and scouted for bargains throughout the year.  When I purchased something on the list, I changed the typed item into bold print, so I knew I had purchased {Read More}

Wood Scraps and Antique Photographs

Recently, I bought a bulk pack of old ephemera on Ebay, and included were several antique photographs.  Unfortunately, several of them were damaged or very faded.  I’ll be honest – I almost pitched them, but once I looked at them more closely, and saw the people, not just a damaged photo, I couldn’t do it.  I had to find something I could do with the photos, that allowed them to “live on”, while not just becoming a piece of paper scrap {Read More}

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