Outdoor Spaces Welcome HomeSummer Tour

Welcome to my Outdoor Spaces tour! Do you remember that blog post when I took you room by room through my whole house, showing you ever nook and cranny, every organized closet, and all the beautifully decorated spaces in our home?     Yeah…me neither. That’s because that blog post doesn’t exist, except in my imagination. There’s a possibility it never will, because my whole house isn’t finished and even if it was      I could probably never get every room {Read More}

Autumn Photo Transfer to Wood

Did you take any photos this autumn, while the pretty leaves were still on the trees?  I’m so glad I did.  It’s a great excuse to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty that surrounds my home.  Two of my favorite shots were of the view looking down the gravel road that’s in front of our house.  One of the shots was taken on a beautifully foggy morning, and the other was taken on a bright and sunny day.  Taking photos doesn’t {Read More}

FALL Junkers Unite with a Repurposed Overalls Wall Pocket, Pin Board & Link Up

Our Junkers United team has been at it again, turning old junk into funky, unique decor and useful things.     This time our focus is on FALL and we’re inviting YOU to share your own autumn-inspired junk projects – link up below. If your a new visitor – WELCOME! I’m Angie, the author behind the old stuff here at Knick of Time and owner of the Knick of Time online market.   ~You can see all my Repurposed Vintage projects HERE,  ~view the {Read More}

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