The Sexiest Man Alive and a North Pole Sign

When riding in the car with a teenager, conversations can be all over the map.  One minute my son will be talking about a video game, the next minute we’re discussing the Jackson 5, because we heard them on an oldies radio station. Today, our conversation swerved toward People’s “Sexiest Man Alive”. #WeirdConversationToHaveWithTeenageSon

Make a Santa Inspired Pallet Wood Christmas Tray

Mr. Claus has been a wee bit jealous that I’ve made a lot of projects dedicated to his wife, so it was time to give give the jolly old guy some attention too, with a pallet wood Christmas tray.  I wouldn’t want to get on his naughty list!

DIY Vintage Railroad Sign

Do you recall my ordeal last year getting our yearly family photos taken – the ones that required my family and I to jump on and off of railroad tracks, fake smile and give me grief? Well, as much as I would have loved to replay that scenario again this year – I totally forgot!  I usually shoot our family photos right before one of my college kids returns to school, but I didn’t even think about it until we {Read More}

DIY Apothecary Sign Display Shelf

If you’re feeling under the weather, or are feeling sick and tired, today’s project is just what the doctor ordered to make you feel better – guaranteed! 🙂

Autumn Moments Coat Rack Sign

It’s still a little over a month before Autumn officially arrives, but we took our middle son back to his college over the weekend, and that means that summer is basically over for my family and we’ll get back to our usual schedules and work now.  I’m sad summer is coming to an end, but I do love autumn. It’s a season so rich with wonderful smells, beautiful sights and yummy things to eat. When you think of autumn, what images immediately {Read More}

In the Spotlight – Stencil Projects and a Sale!

I’m working on 2 new stencil designs that should be ready soon, but in the meantime, I’ve got some stencil projects to show you that were created by 6 other bloggers – all using Vintage Sign Stencils!

Rosemary & Thyme and a Garden Herbs Sign

I know I’ve climbed on this soapbox before, so please forgive me, but I’ve just got to gripe about it one more time. Why in the world do companies – especially companies that have been around  forever – switch from awesome product packaging made of metal with fantastic designs, to ugly plastic and boring designs?  Why, why, why? I’m sure there’s some bottom-dollar reason for it, and perhaps I’m part of a small percentage of the population that actually cares, but I {Read More}

As Easy as Pie

A few days ago I saw a photo taken “way back when” (I don’t know when). It was such a nostalgic photo. A family was sitting on their front porch – all together like. They were probably discussing how they’d spent their day, or sharing neighborhood gossip, and everyone was drinking sweat tea … because that’s what you do on front porches. It seemed so quaint – so yesteryearish.  It made me want to gather my family out on our front {Read More}

Well, Butter My Bread! {Baking Center Sign, Apron, and Table Runner}

My poor bread machine has been sitting forgotten and forlorn in my pantry for more than 3 years.  It was one of my most dearly loved kitchen appliances, helping me bake fresh bread 3 times a week, but when we moved from Missouri to Illinois more than three years ago, it got stuck in the barn while we remodeled our kitchen.  By the time the remodel was finished, I had gotten used to buying store-bought bread, and just stopped making homemade {Read More}

Old Feed Sack Style Tote Bag, Sign or Pillow

I can’t believe it’s already July, and I still haven’t gone to a flea market even once yet.  I really need to remedy that soon.  I know they say you won’t miss what you don’t see, but just thinking about all the good pickins’ I might be missing makes me crazy! One of the things I keep a lookout for is old feed sacks and grain sacks, but I’ve only found a few of them in the last few years.

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