Easy DIY Farmhouse Style Paint Finish

If you love the old farmhouse look, I’ve got a super easy way to achieve it with an easy DIY paint finish that is so simple to do… and it’s as pretty as supermodel Cindy Crawford’s mole! 🙂 It’s a great way to transform thrift store and yard sale finds that either look outdated, or have potential, but are a bit more battered than you’d like.

Cheese Dome Upcycle + Grade School Flashback

I’m a sucker for glass cloches, so a few weeks ago when I spotted this little cheese dome at a thrift store, I had to buy it.  How could I pass up such a cute little glass top and pretty wood base?  But there was one thing about it that I just didn’t like…

Tea Kettle on a Tea Kettle … What??

My mom has a cast iron tea kettle that I was admiring at her house, and have been hoping I might find a similar one, but something lucky happened, so I got one (sort of), but didn’t have to buy it. Clear as mud, right? Let me explain…

Spice Rack Makeover: Thrift Shop Flip

I’ve said before that I’m a sucker for gingham, so when I spotted this vintage spice rack, filled with jars that had gingham lids, at a thrift store – it was a given that it was coming home with me.   I wasn’t crazy about the color of the wood, and it looked a bit blah, but the shape reminded me of the wall shelf I made over last year with a Milk & Cream Co. image on it, so {Read More}

Toy Sleigh Makeover

When we visited family in New Mexico during the summer, they sent me home with quite a few things, like my husband’s grandfather’s old tools that I turned into a keepsake displlay (seen here), and this toy sleigh.  It isn’t very old, and looked a bit ho-hum – like something from  an 80’s Lillian Vernon catalog, but I thought a makeover might do it wonders. My original plan was to paint the wood white, and add a little sign on the side {Read More}

Watercolor Artwork with Old Calendars

Sometimes we get so used to the things in our house, that we don’t really see them anymore.  For example, I bought a calendar with beautiful watercolor artwork, but I’ve looked at it so many times this year, I rarely ever notice the illustrations anymore –  I’m just looking at the date boxes. But for whatever reason, today was different, and I really looked at it.  Suddenly I was in love with my pretty dollar store calendar again, and was annoyed with {Read More}

Chalkboard and Weathered Wood Reversible Wall Art

I love projects that have more than one way to use them, so I’m  excited about my latest project, because it’s a reversible wall art project that has a chalkboard on one side, and a weathered wood look on the other. To make it, you’ll need a wood frame.  I picked mine up for a few dollars at a yard sale. Cut a thin piece of MDF board, sized to fit inside the back of the frame opening. Framing clips added {Read More}

Upcycled Wood Frame Handled Tray

I’ve been in a bit of a creative shlump lately.  What I really want to do is finish up my entryway, but my husband needed to bring home more pallets and hang the boards on the walls, and I had a hard time thinking beyond that. I decided to roam out to my workshop (AKA “the PIT”).  Venturing in there is a risky idea, because it’s filled to the rafters with junk.  I can seriously barely find a place to step, {Read More}

Milk and Cream Co. Sign on Stool and Chalkboard

It’s been more than 2 years ago since I made my first Milk and Cream Co. sign. Since I only had 1 antique window like that, I started making them on glass photo frames. And they sold, and they sold, and they sold, and to date I’ve made almost 50 more of them! Finally I realized that since other people love the design as much as I do, it was time to make make it available as a reusable stencil so anyone {Read More}

Vintage Style Storage in Antique Trunk

Normally when we travel, I can’t wait to hit every single antique store, thrift shop, and yard sale we drive by, but I was ridiculously well-behaved when we traveled to and from New Mexico last week.  I didn’t go to a single yard sale, and only stopped at a handful of antique stores, and from those stores, I only bought a few things. I seriously amazed myself at my self-discipline, because I found several really cool things, and had carried {Read More}

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