Lavender Rosemary Essential Oil Soap

Lavender Rosemary Essential Oil Soap  This Lavender Rosemary Essential Oil Soap recipe is quick and easy to make, can be made with kids, and can be used right away.  It smells Springtime fresh too! If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you know how much I love lavender.  Sadly, my attempts to grow it have failed several times.  But my motto is “never give up,” so I’ll try again this year. In the past, I’ve always bought lavender soap at the {Read More}

My Own Fall Pumpkin Patch Porch and a DIY Sign

My Own Fall Pumpkin Patch Porch Make your porch the place where everyone wants to hang out this fall! A few months ago, I shared the makeover of our covered back porch, then I added vintage school desk Halloween planter on the other side. Since only our family can see it there, I decided to move it to the front yard and make it a little more creepy so neighbor kids can enjoy it too.  I’ll show you how it looks {Read More}

Miniature Mason Jar Citronella Oil Lamps for a Cabin Weekend Getaway

Miniature Mason Jar Citronella Oil Lamps for a Cabin Weekend Getaway My daughter  and I have been planning a mother/daughter weekend trip and this was finally the weekend we were both free to go. My wonderful old Jeep starting to have problems, so we traded it in for a low- mileage, used Ford Escape, hitched the trailer with our kayaks, and headed for the great outdoors. We reserved our favorite camping cabin for the weekend.  It was R&R we both needed. {Read More}

My Small Covered Porch That Finally Got a Makeover

Do you have a space in your house or yard that is just plain ugly? So ugly, you don’t want a single soul to lay eyes on it? But I’m going to show it to you today because we decided to turn that ugly spot into a space we we love now!

Mid Summer Farmhouse Junk Garden Update & a Lack of Communication

Mid Summer Farmhouse Junk Garden Update I’ve never been an avid gardener, but this year I felt the desire to really try my hand at flower gardening. So this is an update on my junk garden – what grew well, what didn’t, and what I’d do differently.

Potting Bench from Old Work Table Reveal

Recently I asked for your ideas for the old work table we found in our barn.  Several of you suggested turning it into a potting bench, and my husband and I thought that sounded like a great idea, given it’s short height. Here’s how it started out.

The Barn Quilt and the Bathroom

Have you ever felt absolutely, totally lost and clueless, and you just didn’t know what to do? Well, when I was in kindergarten, our classroom had its own bathroom that we didn’t have to share with the rest of the kids in the school. On the outside of the bathroom door was light switch that lit up and turned red when you turned on the light and went into the bathroom.  There was no lock on the door, so this red {Read More}

Outdoor Spaces Welcome Home Summer Tour

Welcome to my Outdoor Spaces tour! Do you remember that blog post when I took you room by room through my whole house, showing you ever nook and cranny, every organized closet, and all the beautifully decorated spaces in our home?     Yeah…me neither. That’s because that blog post doesn’t exist, except in my imagination. There’s a possibility it never will, because my whole house isn’t finished and even if it was      I could probably never get every room {Read More}

Repurposed Chair Flower Planter

 A few years ago, I had scads (does anyone still use that word?) of old chairs that I’d picked up, primarily at auctions.  I was on a repurposed chair kick , so most of them were turned into new creations, but I still have just a few left that I’ve never done anything with. I have no idea what possessed me to buy 2 of these chairs, because they aren’t my style at all, but I did.  I think they must {Read More}

Adirondack Chairs Makeover in Two Shades of Blue

A few years ago, I won a pair of Adirondack chairs at an auction, for the bargain price of $10 bucks for both. I couldn’t believe I got such a great deal on them.  They are super comfortable to sit on, and I love them, but we probably should have stored them in the garage during the winter.  The wood was bare, without any paint or sealer, so the elements were starting to take a toll on them, and I wanted to give them {Read More}

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