Farmhouse Table

If your internet is somewhat slow, when this blog is loading, you’ll see a background of  gorgeous aged wood planks – which I just love.

So, I was especially thrilled to win an old farm table with really aged wood at an auction yesterday.  
Would you look at that wood?!

It appears a little sliver of wood was coming loose, so someone used tiny nails to secure it.

I was doubly pleased when I found out the table belonged to the grandmother of my son’s college instructor.  She told me she was really glad to know it was going home with me…which was really sweet.

I love it – split planks and all.

And check out the threaded wood at the end of the legs.

I was thinking of painting the legs and underbase white,
but for now I’m leaving them their original color until I decide.

Late last night I stained it with Min Wax Golden Oak
I love how it brought out the marks and cracks in the wood.

Topped with some aged crocks

Here’s a little humor about the pretty, old dish towel.
It was sweltering hot at the auction where I got the table.
I mean I was dripping sweat and was out of napkins to dab my head with.
I spotted a box full of old dish towels and was desperate to mop myself
and asked the auctioneer if he would do that item next – even though it was on
a different table.  I paid more for the dish towels than I did the table!
Another gal wanted them for the same reason, so we bid those
towels WAY higher than on a cooler day, in our right minds we would have!
Most of the towels weren’t even close to cute – they were ugly printed Christmas ones.
But – I do love this one – stains and all.
Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Love it!!! What character! I also enjoyed your towel story haha! I am your newest follower hope you can visit me sometime soon!

  2. Lovely table! My inclination would be to paint the legs, perhaps duck egg blue, which in turn would emphasize the aged top.

  3. terry wilson says

    The farmhouse table, I have one identical to it. I know my grandmother had it when she married about 1910. I was trying to find out if it had been passed down from some one else… My table came from northwest Missouri.

    Do you know any more about the style or anything?

    Thanks – Terry

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