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Today’s Findings

Pickins were a little slimmer (and more expensive), but here’s some of what I did bring home today: An antique radio I may convert into a night stand An antique alcohol crate with great typography A large wicker basket A cool wooden tote/crate A horseshoe & stamped leather harness Not shown in photo – a cool spindle accent table, a mid-century footstool & a cool red wooden folding chair Due to unethical websites stealing content, I can no longer provide {Read More}

2nd Time Was Not a Charm

So, yesterday I showed you the wood floor we refinished in our living room.  It turned out so beautifully beyond what we could have hoped and we couldn’t believe we lived on such nasty carpet for 5 years before discovering what was under it. Excited now, we moved on to yank out the same carpet in our bedroom, which is a mirror image of the living room, sharing one wall. Well…although also lovely in spots, this floor had suffered more {Read More}

Things That Were Hard to Part With

One of the pitfalls of liking the things you sell, is that sometimes it’s hard to part with the things you sell. I try to get only loosely attached, but still. Here are a few items from the last year that I *really* hated to see leave: 1907 Waltham Ladies Pocketwatch I paid $6 for it at a consignment shop.  Yeah, someone’s grandmother is rolling over in her grave over that.  I actually had no idea it was a valuable {Read More}

Who Knew?

I wish I had a picture of the carpet that was in both our living room and bedroom when we moved in 6 years ago, but I lost my computer (dumb) that had the photos of the floor.  I never saved the photos anywhere else (dumber), so they are lost forever. Suffice it to say – it was pure filth (there’s an oxymoron for you!)  Barns have cleaner floors. We knew there were wood floors under the carpet, but we’d {Read More}

$5 Desk Makeover

I found this desk at a yard sale, but it didn’t have a price tag, so I asked them if it was for sale. “Yes, $5 – do you think it will fit in your van?” – says Yard Sale man. “Sure, no problem” – says I. (I’ll make that baby fit for $5) – thinks me. Get said baby to fit in van and drive her home (along with all the other stuff I bought at the city-wide yard {Read More}

In for a Penny…In for a Pound

This old gal needs work… A lot of work… And then some more work… No turning back now!   Wish me luck. I’m taking the top down to the hard wood and removing the 2layers of veneer.  My hands will be raw in a few days and myknuckles will be very banged up.   She better be worth it.I actually think this would make an amazing kitchen island…If she looks like the picture in my mind when she’s done! Due to unethical {Read More}

One of My First Furniture Projects – Vintage Drum Table with Antique Bible Page Top

This vintage drum table was a screamin’ deal at our local Goodwill store, even though it was missing the drawer. The veneer wasn’t great on the top, so I decided it would be my first attempt at using Modge Podge on furniture.  I had an antique Bible with missing pages, so I chose to use that on the top.  I painted the whole thing Antique White, then added the pages and distressed the whole thing. Look at those old pages – {Read More}

What Was I Thinking?

Sometimes I can be impulsive. Purchasing this was definately one of those occasions. Sorry for the horrible picture, but the sunlight is glaring through all the windows and I *can’t* move this thing to get a better picture. The top of it is completely trashed and there is chipped veneer in a lot of placesIt’s also missing parts of the hardware.But, look at some of the details. It was those details that made me do it. Sadly, it really needs {Read More}

WooHoo! One of my Items Made Etsy’s Front Page!

This Bird on a Branch can I listed in my Etsy shop on Tuesday got a TON of hits on Wednesday (317 at the moment) and was marked as a favorite *67* times.  I knew it got featured in a Treasury, but that alone doesn’t usually generate that much interest, so I couldn’t figure out it why there was that extreme amount of interest in it, until I realized that Treasury was featured on Etsy’s front page! The funny thing is that the gal {Read More}

Farmhouse Table

If your internet is somewhat slow, when this blog is loading, you’ll see a background of  gorgeous aged wood planks – which I just love. So, I was especially thrilled to win an old farm table with really aged wood at an auction yesterday.   Would you look at that wood?! It appears a little sliver of wood was coming loose, so someone used tiny nails to secure it. I was doubly pleased when I found out the table belonged to the grandmother {Read More}