Transformation of a Table

I got this table for $2 at an auction.

side table before

Not too hard to see why it was only $2, huh?

After getting it home, I stared at it for a while.
Could that much ugly really be changed?

I started sanding to at least get rid of the loose, flecking off paint.

There really is wood under all that green.

Lots of paint, some vintage sheet music & pages from a child’s story book later…
It was worth the effort!

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  1. The little table has some great detail, so worth the work that it took. You did a really nice job with it!!!

    xo, Maki

  2. Hi Angie,

    LOL – I found this exact same table at a thrift store. Very sturdy and they only wanted a couple of dollars for it. Obviously because it had the world’s worst paint job – mine was a lighter green with brush marks in every direction. I have more sanding into this little table than any other piece I have done. It’s done now and it’s a nice accent table (again) I haven’t posted it yet but when I saw yours I just had to comment. I like what you did to yours and you are right – they are definitely worth the effort. Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. I have a table that looks just like that…exact same size and design. It has never been painted, nor will it be while I’m alive, because it is the most glorious mahogany with a deep, rich red glow to the wood. Just the thought of that beautiful wood being under any paint is breaking my heart. OTOH, your table may not be mahogany, or it may have been ruined and painted long ago. They’re just the same design, perhaps.

  4. Lovely! I had an identical table last year that I painted in General Finishes Tuscan Red and glazed with Van Dyke Brown glaze. Sold almost immediately. I haven’t yet done decoupage on a piece, but are planning to try it soon with the napkin technique.

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