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Antique Graphics – ABC Song, Bird Border & a Funny

I may never buy scrapbook paper for projects again! There’s just so much to love about antique books and the images in them! Here are a few I though you might enjoy. Do something lovely with them! The first is from a 1904 school song book. This lovely bird border is from a 1905 school reader. I have additional graphics available on the Antique Graphics category on my sidebar. I’ll be adding to this collection each week – I’ve got so {Read More}

When Plan “A” Fails

I just finished this open cupboard. It looked really old to start with. I mean really old.  I showed it to you a few days ago, looking like this. Tons of chippy paint, tons of bugs and dirt and tons of scars. I totally loved the pumpkin orange paint, and wanted to just clean it up, and distress it a little more, but two sides of it weren’t painted (which I didn’t even notice until I got it home), so {Read More}

Chippy Little Red Wagon

I found lots of rusty, crusty, wonderful stuff  at the auction last week, but when my husband saw this wagon, his response was, “It’s junk”. Heck yeah, it’s junk! Not just “any-old-every day-throw-it-away” junk… It’s GREAT junk! Now, I’ll admit that it looked like the trashy kind of junk at the auction. They had it filled with nasty stuff that really was trash, and the handle had come off, and was buried under the trash, so it looked like it didn’t have {Read More}

$5 Buck Bargains

When I go to auctions, I usually admire all the beautiful antiques that everyone else admires and wants, but those are rarely the pieces I bid on.  They are just always *way* out of my price range. These are the kind of “treasures” I usually go for. But they are usually attached to pieces that look like this. Actually, that’s the pretty side.  It gets scarier.  If you have a limited antique budget, you may as well accept   insects & {Read More}

Harvest Banner on Book Pages

What do you do with old books that are falling apart?  You make banners, of course! I used a super old dictionary.   I love it when the pages turn that pretty carmel color. I also had some very old woven seam binding. Whenever I come across old seam binding or rick rack, I snatch it up! I used a stencil and spray paint for this project, but you could also print the letters out on your computer, then put {Read More}

Were You Raised in a Barn?

I’ve mentioned a few times recently that we put in an offer on another farmhouse (no, we aren’t farmers) and are (not so) patiently waiting to see if it’s in God’s plan that we move (it’s looking good so far). It’s a humble little home – with everything we need & most of what we want… land for the animals (a quarter horse, a miniature horse, 4 dogs & a cat)… an outbuilding as a shop for my business… and {Read More}

A Change of Scenery

I love summer, I really do, but God in His wisdom, knows just about the time we are ready for a change of seasons and I am looking forward to Fall!! Crisp air, changing leaves, apple cider, harvest festivals, and as a former New Mexican…roasted green chile & hot air balloons!   I got out the paint and went nuts this evening creating a Fall Collection to usher in the season. Here are a few of the items I finished. {Read More}

1940’s Telephone Book Ephemera Cabinet

I found this sweet wall cabinet at a thrift store today. I think it was originally a medicine chest, but the door had been removed.Forgot to take a picture before I started…it’s becoming a habit! I’m loving the 1949 phone book I got at an auction last weekend, so I thought the beautifully aged pages would be a nice addition to this cabinet. It was interesting to note which local businesses are still around today,and funny to see phone numbers with {Read More}

Free Antique Graphics

I brought home 4 boxes of antique books from an estate sale the other day. Most of them were hymn books (which I love), but there were several other great ones too. I’ve scanned some graphics I thought would be great for projects, and thought others might be able to use them too. Enjoy! The first several are from a 1949 telephone directory. These next several are from a 1901 children’s school reader. I think this one would make an endearing {Read More}

Excess Baggage

At an estate auction the other day, I had my eye on a cute little green suitcase – the one on top in the photo. There were 4 suitcases there – the 3 green ones plus a worn brown one. I really only wanted the small green one, but when it came up for bid, the auctioneer lumped all 4 suitcases together. I went ahead and bid and won all 4 of them for the bargain price of $3 for all. {Read More}