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It’s an Illness

Hubby and I went spur-of-the-moment house shopping today. In the process of looking at the outbuildings on the property, I spotted a old wooden-handled carrying crate. It was like a beacon signaling me from the corner of the building. I rushed over, grabbed it and took it outside to ask the realtor if I could buy it. The house belonged to this realtor’s grandmother, so he could have sold it to me, but he looked a little confused and thought {Read More}

A New Path

Very excited and very nervous! Today I moved into my new booth space at the Midwest Antique Company in Palmyra, MO Yeah, if you haven’t heard of Palmyra, you aren’t alone – it’s about 15 minutes north of Hannibal, MO. You know…where Mark Twain was from?! It’ll take me awhile to get all settled in, but here’s a few quick shots of what I got moved in today.   The booth is bigger and more expensive that I had intended to get, {Read More}

Lovely Vintage Wedding

I’m incredibly exhausted and my feet are killing me, but I had to share a few photos from the vintage wedding that I provided the decor for. I was also in charge of the food buffet, so I wasn’t able to take any photos before people arrived and started eating, but here’s a few shots I was able to get. The surroundings were gorgeous. We got a brief rain, but thankfully it passed quickly. My husband could NOT understand why {Read More}

Here’s what $1 Can Buy

Whoever said a dollar doesn’t go far these days, hasn’t been to an auction lately! Here are some things I’ve bought for 100 pennies. Antique Glasses Antique Telephone Battery Cell This was 200 pennies.  The seat was rotted, so hubby removed it and we’ll be replacing it. Huge File Drawer – heavy, but big enough to be a side or accent table. I got this dresser AND a wood head and footboard for 100 pennies.It got turned into the next {Read More}

Oh Shucks!

Here’s what I’ll be doing today. Corn….  Corn….  And some more corn.  About 120 ears. for a wedding on Saturday. I hope I don’t lose my appetite for corn-on-the-cob by the time I’m done. That would be tragic! And in further news, here’s what my son caught today. A HUGE flying praying mantis, which flew around our house when he brought it inside to show us. Things sure get exciting around here. Due to unethical websites stealing content, I can {Read More}

Plain Jane Gets a Makeover

There’s something so bloomin’ fun about taking a piece of furniture that was just plain boring and breathing some life into it! Such was the case with my latest project. It was so nondescript and boring when I first got it, but its shape is very sweet, so it had lots of potential. I painted it with Olympic Smokey Slate (which sounds greyish but is actually a pretty blue), then added the bird silhouette to the corner. I distressed it, {Read More}

From Paper to Screen – Antique Graphics

Here’s a few antique graphics I thought someone might enjoy to use on a project. I used the actual page of this first one on my 1800’s Ephemera Gossip Bench. Here’s a gorgeous ad for Pear’s Soap – isn’t it beautiful?!! Here’s another pretty ad. If you’re a crafter…at all… You know who The Graphics Fairy is! She has a goldmine of vintage graphics that crafters around the world use in their projects. I sent her some graphics & engravings from my {Read More}

1800’s Ephemera Gossip Bench

My most recent project was a real labor of love. I got the gossip bench a few months ago, started painting it, and ran into some troubles which I wrote about here – Love/Hate Relationship After that, I put it aside and have been waiting for some inspiration on what to do with it. That inspiration came when I purchased a huge lot of women’s magazines from the 1800’s that I posted about here – 1800’s Ephemera I used some leftover Valspar paint, then {Read More}

Today’s Pickins’

Another sweltering hot day at the auction yesterday, but I’m always rewarded when I find some vintage goodie! Here’s some of my favorites from this week. This child’s potty chair was my favorite pick! It cracks me up that someone added a roll of adding machine tape to it.  Did they really want the child to wipe with *that*!?! I also love this vintage steel trap.  Wooden shoe shine tote  Very rustic plant stand  Super cool metal folding ruler  Very {Read More}

Styling a Vintage Wedding

The daughter of some of our friends is getting married this weekend and they are using some of my vintage items to style the wedding. They are also using several of my old doors to use as tables and chairs for the bridal party. It’ll be a busy rest of the week until the wedding, as I’m also in charge of the food at the wedding.  I’ll be spending Friday night shucking corn.  I hope the weather cooperates and isn’t sweltering {Read More}