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Bittersweet – Goodbye to our New Home & Hello to the New

Today we sign the papers on our new {but very old} home. While I’m not really looking forward to starting the remodeling process, I can’t wait to get my shop set up in the separate outbuilding, so the house can be just my home again – and not look like a cross between a flea market & a shipping depot. I’m excited we’ll live 20+ minutes closer to the town we travel to daily. My husband will have a 10 minute drive to work, instead of {Read More}

Writing My Name on It – Thursday Feature

Remember last week, I told you about some small treasures that I decided I was going to keep for myself? Things I’m “writing my name on” – if only in my mind. I’ve decided to make this a weekly feature, and I’d love to hear about what little treasures you have found, that you are “writing your name on.” Here’s four little treasures from this week. I love the crazing and browning the little bowl has. Yep…I’m writing my name {Read More}

Wednesday Feature – Antique Graphics & Instant Art – Harvest Moon, Corset, Gorgeous Bodice

I’ve sporatically posted antique graphics, but I’d like to make this a regular feature each week. So, stop by each Wednesday to get your “fix” of graphics from the past. Is this bodice gorgeous, or what?  I’m sure corsets weren’t comfortable, but I just love the way they look! Harvest Moon –   Print & Frame It!! See “Antique Graphics” on my sidebar for more lovely images from the past. Reminder – If you haven’t yet linked up to the new {Read More}

Ironing Out the Glitches

My apologies to those of you who tried to link up to the party today and discovered it had issues! You should be able to link up now. I’m still trying to get the thumbnails to appear larger and the titles to be more readable, and hope to have it all fixed for next week’s party. But don’t let that stop you from linking up to this week’s party! Thanks so much and invite your friends to join! Blessings, {Read More}

Introducing….Knick of Time Tuesday – Party #1

I’m so excited to introduce you to the 1st Share your best “I saved it in the knick of time projects” OR Share your favorite treasure that has knicks that time has left on it! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got! Don’t Be a Party Pooper! 1.  Please become a friend & follower of Knick of Time 2.  Please only link up your {great} old stuff!  Things you have rescued & revived or treasures that show the “knicks” that time {Read More}

Today’s Pickins’

The auctions have been WAY too good to me lately. I managed to completely fill my husband’s pickup truck again yesterday. Probably not the best idea, since it looks like we’ll be closing on our new house in the next week, but when my husband suggested we go to an auction Sunday afternoon, first I was stunned, then I was elated. I could have easily stayed another hour and bought much more, but a full pickup is a full pickup. {Read More}

Time Standing Still

I recently parted with a clock I liked, but didn’t love, so I was really hoping to replace it with one that appealed to me more. Yesterday, we took a short roadtrip to Nauvoo, IL with our visiting family. It was the perfect fall-like day for it, despite the nasty cold I’m nursing. We wandered the shops in downtown Nauvoo, where we visited a small antique store that had  about 5 clocks for me to choose from. This one came home with me. I love the age it has {Read More}

Living Room – Before and After

I’m sure by the title of this post, you think I’m getting ready to tell you about some amazing remodeling project we did on our living room, but that won’t be the case. The before and after in our living room is actually, before my inlaws came to visit from New Mexico and after I worked my fanny off to whip my house in shape for their visit. {coffee table before – it was actually much worse the day before} You see, {Read More}

Knick of Time Tuesday

Coming…Sept. 27th! In celebration of {great} Old Stuff! Have you salvaged a piece of furniture, in the “knick of time” from becoming landfill material? Do you have a favorite treasure that has the “knicks” that time has left on it? If so, this party is for you!! With that theme in mind, every Tuesday will be  Knick of Time Tuesday beginning on Sept. 27th! Come back next week and link up! Each week, I’ll select 3 great links from the previous week {Read More}

A Little Spit & Polish

I’m a sucker for beat up old tables, so when this one came up for bid at the auction for a buck – yep, it came home with me. It’s got the scrappiest old paint job, which makes it all the more endearing to me. And it’s actually a little rolling cart with great little wheels, so it was worth the buck. It’s totally sturdy and was clearly a little work table. I don’t bother trying to make something like this {Read More}