It’s a Sign (of what skill I don’t possess)

If you are a chair caner by trade,
or a hobbiest with even remotely passable skills…
I implore you to go read another blog–right now.
Otherwise you may feel completely insulted.
You have been warned.
Okay, yesterday I showed you the caned chair
I got free at an auction.  I actually won another chair,
and when I went to pick it up, they told me I could take
the broken caned chair too.
I won’t pass up good wood that I think I can do anything with,
so I brought it home and dismantled it.
My first project is with the seat.
I had great notions of creating either a bulletin board, or a sign with it.
I decided to go with a sign.

I know – No chair caner with an ounce of self-respect

would claim they did this job.
And yes, I know they don’t use nails to keep the spline in place,
but that darn stuff kept popping up.
 I’m sure it wasn’t the right size spline, but it’s what I had and it was free.
In my defense, my goal was to make a sign…
not cane a chair professionally.
I had a box of chair caning supplies already from another auction win –
I did not have cork for a bulletin board.
Thus…my decision to make it look like an old chair caning business sign.
Here’s the steps of the ordeal process it took to create it…
Dismantle the chair.
Remove the broken caning.
(That was an ordeal and should have been my first clue
to forget all about this project and go back to the bulletin board idea).
Create design on computer.
There wasn’t any good reason for choosing “Nantucket”
for the sign….except I think it’s such a pretty word.
Traced the design with tracing paper onto the seat.
Painted the letters with a tiny paintbrush with my clearance-priced, sample-size paint.
Distressed the letters

and gave it a coat of MinWax spray stain to revive the finish.
I love their spray stain.  I got a full can with another auction win
and am so glad – I’ll be buying more of it!
Added the caning (pure torture) and used spray stain on it as well.

 The end result.   A sign.

So…if you are a chair caner and didn’t follow my advice
to go read another blog,
I promise that should I ever decide to cane a real chair…
I’ll take a class first.
I promise.
Here’s to trying new things,

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  1. I love your blog! I am your newest follower!

  2. i think it’s fabulous!
    i didn’t know minwax had a spray cool!!!…shows how long it’s been since i’ve been anywhere remotely fun and pertaining to crafting/art/do it yourself!!!
    my mother re-canes 12 diningroom chairs..she bought a book and did it herself!! all but 2 are still good…she did them YEARS ago…she’s going to have to help me from Heaven when I decide to try to fix them myself!!!

  3. Welcome Brooke and thanks for visting!

  4. Ann,
    I hope Minwax still makes that spray stain, because I love it. It came with a bunch of stuff I got at the auction, but the can still had great pressure, so I don’t think it was very old. It’s very convenient.

  5. I think your sign is fab! 🙂 … and I agree – Nantucket is a wonderful sounding name. I once bought some Crabtree and Evelyn scented products for my Grandmother that was called Nantucket. 🙂

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