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Antique Graphics Advertisements and Instant Artwork

It’s been a few weeks since I posted more from my stock of antique graphics, so here’s some I hope you’ll enjoy and find useful for a project or two.  Several of these would be perfect as framable art.  Just print!All of these came from some 1800’s Peterson’s Magazines.Enjoy! This curling comb looks a little dangerous, but isn’t the artwork wonderful? “Don’t be a pig, Pussy.” – Frameable Art This crown came from an asthema medication ad. 2 lovely advertisements for {Read More}

Stirring Up A Hornet’s Nest

When I showed you some of the goodies I bought at the auction this week, there were far too many to mention in one post, but here are a few more I’ve gotten photographed.At the end, you’ll see the strangest thing I purchased. But first…..a set of old Pepsi bottlesthat has already been purchased bya props department for a theater on Broadway.I wonder what play they might make their way into. A lovely blue typewriter stand. Aqua canning jars & an antique {Read More}

Writing My Name on It

Remember when you were a kidand you wrote your name on your “valuables”to make sure your ownership was obvious? I so rarely buy things that are just for me. Generally, I shop for my business and regardless how much I like something, I try to not get too attached to it. But, I’ve purchased a few things recently that I want to write my name on.I bought them, really like them and I’m keeping them! I’m building my clock and {Read More}

Partied a Little Too Hard

So, to celebrate 1 year in business yesterday, I went to an estate auction. Actually, I didn’t need a reason to go to the auction – I would have gone anyway, but this sounds like a valid excuse for my behavior. I completely maxed out my van and my daughter’s car and had to tie a shelf on the roof of the van. My living room looks like it has a hangover. Excuse the min pin – she had to come sniff {Read More}

One Year Ago Today

1 year ago today, I opened my “virtual doors” to my little shop, Knick of Time It’s been such a memorable first leg of the journey,and I’ll share a little glimpse back at the last year,but first I gotta say… I received some birthday presents too! I won a giveaway for a free sponsor space at If you’ve never visited lovely Ginger’s blog – you must visit soon! She hosts the Wow Me Wednesday party,and has many tutorials & projects that {Read More}

In Your Home

Every so often I get a special customer who takes the time to photograph something they bought from me and send me the photos. It’s such a blessing to see my “babies” leave my nest and land so beautifully elsewhere! Here’s a few photos sent to me today. This gal has such great vintage style. She purchased an old camping cot, a lovely blue birdcage and a bunch of antique books from me. Here she shows the birdcage with a bundle {Read More}

Livery Sign & Today’s Pickins’

I’ve got quite a stockpile of old wood right now, which are all perfect for creating “antique” signs on. I brought home 2 sections of super old wood this weekend that were just begging to become signs. I decided to create a Livery & Farrier sign on the smaller of the 2 pieces. This old horseshoe was the inspiration for this sign. I’ve had it for some time and was just waiting for the right piece of wood to come along to use it {Read More}

It’s a Sign (of what skill I don’t possess)

If you are a chair caner by trade, or a hobbiest with even remotely passable skills… I implore you to go read another blog–right now. Otherwise you may feel completely insulted. You have been warned. Okay, yesterday I showed you the caned chair I got free at an auction.  I actually won another chair, and when I went to pick it up, they told me I could take the broken caned chair too. I won’t pass up good wood that {Read More}

You & Me Baby, We’re Stuck Like Glue

I used to think I’d like to try my hand at recaning a chair. Yeah,…NOT. Actually, I’m not even attempting to repair a chair, but I did remove the old caning from a chair that is beyond repair, because I wanted to convert the seat into a sign.I’m putting the finishing touches on the sign tonight, so I’ll reveal it to you tomorrow. The chair was once a lovely pressback chair, but the caned seat was broke, a foot bar was {Read More}

Today’s Pickins’

Set my alarm early Saturday morning to hit the monthly barn sale, drove 45 minutes to get there, only to discover I had the wrong weekend! I decided to make the best of it, by searching for any other good sales I could find,despite the somewhat dreary weather. I hit a little hole-in-the-wall thrift store, and a couple of yard sales and scored these goodies…  Wooden Shoe LastI adore this.  I won’t be sad if it doesn’t sell! Blue enamelware {Read More}