Today’s Pickins’

The auctions have been WAY too good to me lately.
I managed to completely fill my husband’s pickup truck again yesterday.
Probably not the best idea, since it looks like we’ll be closing on
our new house in the next week,
but when my husband suggested we go to an auction Sunday afternoon,
first I was stunned, then I was elated.
I could have easily stayed another hour
and bought much more,
but a full pickup is a full pickup.
The backseat was filled with boxes too.
I did all that “damage” in about an hour.
I might have filled a semi in 2 hours!
Probably my best deal of the day was this
beautiful, old chair for 1 buck,
which I’m hoping to reupholster.
My grandfather was an upholsterer by trade,
so it will thrill me to pieces if I accomplish it.
And for 1 buck – it’s worth the experiment.
Here’s some more of my favorites I brought home.
Vintage Barn Light – LOVE it! 
I’d be tempted to keep this one,
but we already have one.
Chippy, Old Farmhouse Stool
Oodles of Telephone Insulators (this is only 1/2 of them).
 A Super Cool Antique “Security Account Register”.
I love the numbered springs on the metal “files” inside it.
Perfect to repurpose as a photo display or memo board.
This thing is a total beast and is very heavy.
But…it is so cool!
I’m keeping one of the numbered files,
selling the rest and repurposing the heavy box for something else – not sure what yet.
Brought home more lovely enamelware – can’t seem to leave an auction with some!
I also got a whole box full of antique spice and apothecary boxes with herbs in them.
Just a few of them are in the photo below.
The really cool thing is that 3 of these boxes came from the pharmacy
in my hometown where I grew up (Washington, IL)!
There is so much more, but I haven’t had time to take photos of the rest. 
So…my house that got all cleaned up for our inlaws visit,
is a mess again…but it’s a blissful kind of mess for me.
Hope your day is full of good pickins’!
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  1. wow! I would say you got some awesome items. I love that barn light and chippy stool so much! Good luck with the upholstering!

  2. Wow! That is a good haul from an auction!

  3. great haul I like the chair I want to redo a rocking chair I bought awhile back but I dont know if I will be able too

  4. Hi – and WOWZA! I love the things you pick. I’d have a hard time letting them go…
    I have recovered several chairs like yours, and it’s easy! You can do it. Just remove the existing fabric carefully to make a pattern of it. Add more stuffing if needed. Staple on the new fabric working from center to center on opposite sides out to the edges. Fold the remaining fabric to a neat pleat and staple it down. You can glue upholsterers flat trim over any exposed staples. Go for it!
    -Revi from

  5. Be still my heart! I love everything in your haul! What a deal you scored on that chair. Looking forward to seeing your “after” pictures. Great finds!!

  6. what great finds and what a great blog you have! so glad I stumbled upon it from junker newbie! I’m a new follower!

  7. You found such great stuff! I can’t believe that the chair was only $1…

    My favorite is the repurposed photo holder — industrial is so much fun!

  8. Love all your neat finds. I have a similar chair that belonged to my Great Grandmother. It’s in the barn needing some TLC…

    also… be care of the enamel ware…one of those is NOT a Bean Pot. If you know what I mean?! LOL!!

  9. Really, $1.00 for that chair?! I hope you post photos of the finished piece. You found some great items at auction!

  10. I wish i could have been at that sale. What great stuff you bought. Your newest follower.

  11. Wonderful finds…I love the barn light and the chair!

  12. Absolutely great picking – what great finds !!!
    Love the inner parts of the Security Accounts Register. Love everything actually.
    – Joy

  13. ps: following you and added your blog to my blog links, want to make sure I visit often.
    – Joy

  14. wowowow! The finds are awesome and the deals seem great! So fun!

    I am moving in one week and I keep bringing home stuff too that I just have to pack right up again.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  15. Love your finds. Cracking up over Corn in my coffee pots comment.
    I ‘liked ‘this over at Junker Newbie’s party.

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