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Halloween Memory Lane

While looking for some specific photos in my kids’ photo albums, I came across some of their Halloween costumes from when they were younger.   Some years, I spent hours making their costumes (or my mom did), and other years, I searched thrift stores to put them together.   Here’s a  little walk down my Halloween memory lane with my kids…Little Ladybug Bunny Rabbit Shepherd Clown This was MY costume that my mother made when I was a child. Talk {Read More}

Oh, Happy Day!!!

I’ve got a bunch of talented women in my family, who have lovely taste, are gifted seamstresses and who know just how to arrange and organize, and I’ve got 4 of them coming in November! Source – Pinterest – couldn’t find original source My MOM is coming! My mom comes to visit me at least twice every year, usually once in the summer and once in the winter, but this year, I was really eager for her to come NOW. {Read More}

My Definition of Home…A Dictionary Wall

If you are a detail-oriented person, today’s post will be right up your alley. If you’re not… it might be best if you came back another day, because there are a lot of details in this post. Okay, for those who are still here, here we go… When you find a $3 dictionary that looks like this… and it is a postbound book, with 1,888 easily removeable pages… and you have paneling in an entryway that looks like this… You know why you {Read More}

It’s a Girl’s Prerogative, Right?

I only “wrote my name” on a few things this week… the “rejection book” ledger and a wonderful little locker key, but I had every intention of selling everything else that I brought home from the auction house. I bought bunches of old bottles and they started selling very quickly, but I was busy “dressing” a newly remodeled spot in my house (that I’ll show you soon) and just grabbed all the amber bottles to see how they looked. I still had {Read More}

Writing My Name on It & Today’s Pickins’

I took a much-needed break from my household projects to hit the auction house last night, and here’s some of the goodies I brought home. Glass Bottles  and More Bottles…{this set already sold}  and More Bottles…  and yet MORE Bottles!{this set sold too!} Books…  Oodles of them! Another Old Step Stool{it sold within an hour of listing it!} and 2 Suitcases Tuesday nights are like Christmas for me! So, what am I “writing my name on” this week?Just 2 little {Read More}

Antique Graphics & Instant Frameable Art

One thing that drives me nuts about most magazines, is the amount of advertisements in them. I generally flip through them, because they rarely grab my attention. But advertising in the past was simple, yet strikingly beautiful. If today’s magazines had ads like these, I’d buy the magazine just FOR the ads! Today’s lovely graphics come from an 1911 Montgomery Ward catalog. Enjoy! Blessings, I can frequently be found visiting these parties –in no particular order!          {Read More}

Knick of Time Tuesday #5 and GIVEAWAY Reminder

Welcome back for the 5th Each week gets more inspiring that the last! If I had a “Inspiration Award” to give out for my party, this week’s award would definately have to go to Shelly at a little bit o’Shizzle. She gave new life to a tired old chair, as a remembrance gift to her friends at the passing of their sweet little daughter, Sydney. Such a precious gift! Dolly, over at Hibiscus House showed us this beautiful pie safe that {Read More}

A New Home Place, A Little Shack, More Big Red Barns & Some Irony

WARNING… This is a LONG post. Stay with me though… you’ll be glad you did! Yesterday was a beautiful, fall day, so I thought I’d shoot some photos of our yard and surroundings to share with you all. From a distance, this little abandoned shack looks very quaint, doesn’t it? It is just on the other side of our property line. I love the metal chimney pipe. Closer inspection is another story. These pictures can’t *begin* to describe just how {Read More}

Reaching Milestones Giveaway Celebration!!!

I’ve been holding my breath,getting really excited, watching the numbers grow,BECAUSE…my blog reached 200 Followers! I started out talking to just myself,and now I get to talk to 200 of you!Well, I’m not vain enough to know that sometimes I’m still talking to myself, but a girl can hope, right? To celebrate I’ve got some goodies lined up for2 Knick of Time Followers! Giveaway #1 – $28 Value{This giveaway is open to both US and International Followers!} Liz, my newest Sponsor from My {Read More}

Can You Feel the Love?…

My two younger sons (17 & 11) went to see the re-release of Lion King at the theater last week, so I’ve had Lion King songs on the brain this week. But “Can You Feel the Love” is the one that’s been running through my brain today, and here’s why… Last week, Linda linked up this super cool project on Knick of Time Tuesday. I saw that she had an Etsy shop {} so I hopped over to visit it, {Read More}