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Shedding a Little Light – Antique Door Backdrop and Painted Hallway

In Monday’s post, you got a look at our new home, and some of the work I have cut out for me.   I especially want to get rid of all the dark wood on the walls and doors.   This hallway is short and narrow.  It has 3 doorways – one to my room, one to another bedroom directly across from my room, and one that leads to the basement. It does have ONE thing going for it – the lovely glass doorknobs on the bedroom {Read More}

Writing My Name on It – Thursday Feature

Remember when you were a kidand you wrote your name on your “valuables”to make sure your ownership was obvious? Well, this weekly Thursday Feature is a tribute to our childlike desire to write our name all over the little treasures we love! First up for me this week, is this Kodak Duraflex IV camera. It makes a great photo prop, and looks terrific sitting amongst my other vintage goods on my shelf. Next up,I brought home several tool boxesfrom the {Read More}

Antique Graphics & Instant Frameable Art

The first two of today’s Antique Graphics comes from a 1875 Bible. The Bible is completely tattered, but I plan to use some of the many pages on other projects. I decided not to try to doctor this engraving up, because I think the authentic aging this page has is beautiful. The Lord’s Supper Gorgeous Name Plate from an 1870 Autobiography of John B. Gough Blessings, Due to unethical websites stealing content, I can no longer provide a full RSS {Read More}

Knick of Time Tuesday #4 & a WINNER

I decided to take a soak in the tub while browsing through the Knick of Time Tuesday submissions from last week, and let’s just say that by the time I was done… I was a prune! Beautiful stuff, everyone! Last month, I almost bid on a lovely piano, not because I needed the piano (although it was beautiful), but because I wanted the stool that went with it. Common sense kicked in, that I have NO room for a huge {Read More}

Mom, This One’s for You

My mom lives in New Mexico and our new house is in Illinois, so she hasn’t gotten to see what the house looks like, other than a few random photos I’ve put on this blog. Mothers need to visualize where their kids and grandkids are living. So Mom, this is for you, {and for anyone else who can stand to look} Now you can see why I need your help, Mom. Desperately. {These photos were taken with a cell phone {Read More}

Have a Seat

Stools and Chairs One of the most practical, yet decorative pieces of decor in our homes. Fiddleback, ladderback, wingback, pressback,step-stool, bar stool, camp stool, upholstered, caned, arm chair, side chair, gossip chair…ahhh….we love our chairs, don’t we? Here’s some I’veacquired over the last few months.Some of these are listed at Knick of Time on Etsy, many have sold, and some I’m keeping. All are wonderful, in their own unique ways. SOLD This one is MINE! SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD What kind of chair {Read More}

A Little Buzz

It’s always fun to see your products or shop featured, so I was honored when Helen of  Obsessionistas asked if she could feature my Milk Bottle Collection on her Etsy Picks: 6 Instant Collections feature.  Obsessionistas celebrates the act of collecting and the very individual stories behind personal collections. They are fascinated by the cultural and social history of objects and by the personal narratives of the people who collect them. Here are some other Instant Collections they featured.  Aren’t these great?! And {Read More}

The Mother Lode

Remember I said how much I love tattered, old books?Well, on Tuesday I hit the mother lodeat the auction house! I brought home 7 boxes FULL of antique books and magazines!!!  Loads of books from the late 1800’s & early 1900’s and a whole box full of German books, including these 2 little gems. They are very petite little books, which, according to Heidi, one of my favorite customers,are poetry books. The illustrations in them are really lovely. Don’t these 3 tattered {Read More}

Writing My Name on It – Thursday Feature

Oops – my bidding finger is getting me in trouble again!This post wasn’t supposed to go liveuntil tomorrow, but I hit “publish post”so you have to hear from me twice today! Go check today’s REAL postwith graphics from 1881that make beautiful print and frame artwork. Good things come in small packages, right? I got these tiny little old treasures this week, and you guessed it – I’m keeping them and writing my name on them! I totally love how they {Read More}

Antique Graphics Wednesday

Today’s Antique Graphics come from an 1881 German Piano Book. Perfect to print and frame for a music room or above a piano. Enjoy! See “Antique Graphics” on my sidebar for more lovely images from the past. Reminder – Come Link Up & Join the Party at Blessings, Due to unethical websites stealing content, I can no longer provide a full RSS feed. I work too hard to produce original and inspiring content to have it stolen by others. Thank {Read More}