Antique Graphics Wednesday

I can’t seem to get enough of
gorgeous illustrations found in antique books.

They’ve just got that “something”,
not often found in books today.

You’d never guess what kind of book
this gorgeous feather pen & inkwell graphic came from.

 I’ll bet you didn’t guess that it was a
sexuality book from the 1800’s!
This book actually covered a very
broad range of topics,
but the title was,
“Light on Dark Corners –
A Complete Sexual Science”.
It was a “Guide to Purity and Physical Manhood” and
gave “Advice to Maiden, Wife and Mother”.

Not only did it cover love, courtship and marriage,
but it also covered social graces and skills,
such as letter writing, which this
graphic came from.

This endearing illustration
came from an 1800’s
Peterson’s Magazine.
It had instructions for sewing a
Scarf Cover for a Bible Stand.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a
Family Bible,
with all the names inscribed,
resting on a place of honor
like this gorgeous stand?
Of course, it shouldn’t just gather dust…
instead the family would gather round
for a nightly reading together.

Our family gathers together in the evenings,
but it’s usually to watch a movie together.

How much more blessed we’d
be to devote a fraction of that time
reading the Scriptures together.

I hope you love these illustrations
as much as I do and save them to
use on future projects!

I’ve got more beautiful ones
scheduled for next Wednesday,
so I hope you’ll come back to see them.

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  2. I also love old graphics. The end papers and typefaces are always of particular interest to me. Thanks for sharing.

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