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Writing My Name on It

Remember when you were a kid and you wrote your name on your “valuables”to make sure your ownership was obvious – –just like Woody in Toy Storywith Andy’s name on the bottom of his boot? Generally I bring home things formy shop, but here are the thingsthat are keepers – and my nameis going on them! For starters – who in their right mind,gets rid of these adorable baby mittens?Well, I’m just glad they were out of their mind,because I {Read More}

Musical Memories

My dad was a huge fan of musicals,when I was growing up,and he frequently had an albumplaying on the record player.He particularly loved words and lyricsby Rogers and Hammerstein. So my sister and Inot only learned them…we loved them,and loved to sing along. Imagine my delight when Iwon the bid on a huge lot ofold sheet music at the auction house,and sorting through them found some of our favorites.Just looking through them broughtback immediate wonderful memories,of singing along with our {Read More}

Antique Christmas Postcards

Today’s graphics come from some antique postcards from the early 1900’s. The postmark on one was dated 1916. These postcards make such lovely, nostalgic decor for mantles, wreaths or strung together as a banner. {Click on the images to save & print.} Enjoy!!! Christmas Blessings to You! Angie

Cutting Edge Stencil Review with GIVEAWAY & Pillow Tutorial

Recently I purchased a bunch of  vintage linens at a thrift store, which included lots of cloth napkins. I bought a set of 9 to use for holidays, and got another set of 6 because they had exactly what I was looking for… an edge with holes in the design. The reason? I wanted to make a pillow top, but I no longer have a sewing machine, so I wanted to be able to weave ribbon through the holes to enclose {Read More}

Ambivalent Relics Giveaway WINNER!

Before I announce the winner of the beautiful Steampunk Watchpart Filigree Ring from Jenny @ Ambivalent RelicsI’ve got to share something elseabout Jenny with you. Last week, I was visiting her Etsy shop{again}, looking over her jewelry,when I saw on of her listings said,“Random Acts of Kindness Key Earrings”Jenny was GIVING away these earrings,for the $2 cost of shipping only…just to be kindand spread some holiday cheer! I put these babies in my shopping cartquicker than you can say,“holly jolly”,then sent Jenny {Read More}

Knick of Time Tuesday #13

Welcome back to another I’m putting the party up early today,because tonight a winner will be selectedto win this amazing ringby Jennie @ Ambivalent Relics,so if you haven’t entered yet…this is your last chance!Go HERE to enter.The winner will be announced tomorrow. And guess what? There will be another GIVEAWAY coming tomorrow, so come back then! Thank you so much to everyonewho linked up last week! I had a great time viewing each one. Just a reminder to link back to the {Read More}

Kicking Myself

No, this isn’t my Christmas mantle, And neither is this one. Nope, not this one either(though I dearly love all that ironstone). So, where is my Christmas mantle?Oh, that’s right, I don’t have one! You see, last month at the auction house,a chippy, old, white fireplace mantlewent up for bid. I admired it, but figured the bidwould go too high for my budget, so I reallydidn’t consider bidding on it,plus, I didn’t think I had a good place to put {Read More}

So You Want to Sell on Etsy? – Tutorial Part 1 – Getting Started

I started my business on Etsyabout 15 months ago,and it has been such a learning experience. I’ve received questions from other Etsysellers, whose businesses are struggling,as well as local people who wouldlike another avenue for selling,aside from their booth spaces,so I thought I’d share what I’ve learnedand what’s worked for me. I hope it will save you a littletime if you’ve decided you’d liketo set up your own shop,or improve the sales in your existing shop. This week, I’ll cover:1) {Read More}

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up in String – The Stampin’ Place Review

I do a ton of shipping for myonline shop and I’m sorry to admitthat most of my packages look like they are havinga bad hair day. Everything is wrapped well, to arrive safely,but there certainly is nothing inspiring or memorableabout my packages.  They arrive safelyand that’s about all that can be said. While I want to spend as little time as possiblepreparing goods for shipment,I do want to improve their look. I envisioned a“brown paper packages, tied up in string” look,{makes {Read More}

Cute as a Button Garland

Did your mother have a button jar or tin? If she didn’t, your grandmother probably did. In their day, when a shirt or coat became too worn to wear, you saved the fabric for rags or a quilt, and the buttons were saved in the button jar.My mother’s button jar was like a little treasure chest for me as a child.  I loved looking through her bounty of “jewels”, and the bigger and gaudier the button, the more I liked it. {Read More}