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Apple White GIVEAWAY Winner

Rather than using arandom number generator from the internet,I prefer using more old-fashioned methodsfor selecting winners forthe giveaways hosted here atKnick of Time. Usually, I let my husband select a number,(and believe me, he is random!),but he was already in bed, soI decided to use the “luck of the dice” methodwith my set of antique dice. The winner will be able toselect 2 of their favorite Flour Sack Towels,created by Dana at Apple White. Since there were 95 entries,I used 2 {Read More}

My 1800’s Self

I’ve been showing you some antique portraits on Antique Graphics Wednesday, but last night I bought what may be my favorite “antique” portrait. It’s ME…Victorian style! I chauffeured my daughter down to St. Charles, MO so she could attend Winter Jam (a Christian concert),which meant I had almost 5 hours to myself.  The first place I headed was downtown historic Main Street.Even if you don’t have a penny to spend, this 13-block street of shops on an old brick street is {Read More}

Never Enough Time

“But there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them…” Those Jim Croce lyrics and  these old clock parts seemto represent my sentiments lately… If only every day had more time in it. Having fun with watch parts…when I should be sleeping! I can frequently be found visiting these parties. Monday Metamorphosis Monday Making The World Cuter Monday– More The Merrier Monday Tuesday Knick of Time Tuesday Nifty Thrifty Tuesday Tuesday’s {Read More}

{The History Behind It}

Yesterday, I showed youmy newly remodeled “Ladies Room.”Today, I want to give you a littlehistory behind the room,as well as how we didit for less than $400 total. Before I do that though,I’ve got to share that today isa very bittersweet day.Someone else will takeownership of our old house today.While it will be nice to nolonger have 2 house payments…my heart just feels sad saying “goodbye”to our old home.  I’m not goodwith goodbyes – even to houses. Okay, on a {Read More}

{Primping in the Ladies’ Room}

 Several weeks ago, I gave you glimpses of the project I thought I would be showing you within a day or two. I should have known that was a stretch, but I’ve been chomping at the bit and I guess I hoped if I blogged about it, the project would be completed sooner. Well, it took longer than I’d hoped and I really wanted to be able to photograph the room with a wide-angle lens, but there comes a point {Read More}

Is it Thursday Yet?

The clock is ticking, but notfast enough for me tonight. You see, I have a blog postthat I have scheduled togo “live” on Thursday, butwhen you are a clock-watcher,I think time stands still. My finger is poised over the“publish post” button…itching to push it. This blog post has been 2 monthsin the making. Surely, it’s Thursdayin some part of the world, right? Tick, tick, tick, tick… Due to unethical websites stealing content, I can no longer provide a full RSS {Read More}

Brass Beauty

My local thrift stores havefinally started to realizewhen they have something valuable,and are pricing those items morelike an antique store would(much to my dismay),but fortunately, when an antiquearrives that is broken,they don’t always realize it stillhas value…at least to people like me,so they still put low prices on those items. For example, yesterday I pickedup a brass lighting candelabra at the thrift store. One of the decorative elementswas broken, so it was pricedmuch lower than if it was fully intact.(it {Read More}

Printable Antique Photographs

This week I brought home severalantique photographs thatI like to refer to as “adopted ancestors”. I love placing antique photographsaround my home and it doesn’t matterto me whether they are related to me or not. If you feel the same way,just right-click to save and printthese old photos to display in your home. Aren’t these 2 little girls just beautiful?!!This photo has sold and I haveto say, I had some seller’s remorse about it. I love everything about this photo {Read More}

Cheap Thrills

I like to think I’m prettyeasy to please, so it doesn’ttake much to make me happy. I picked up this little grapevineheart wreath with the silk rosesalready attached for 50 cents. I rarely do any decorating forValentine’s Day, but I haveseveral antique Valentine postcardsthat I hadn’t decided how todisplay, so the size of this littlewreath was perfect. I just tucked one of thepostcards in the back. Cheap + Cute…I like that! Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? Blessings to you, I {Read More}

Apple White GIVEAWAY

3 of my Favorite Words…White, Soft, Homey If those are 3 of your favorite words too,you’re going to love these Flour Sack Towels created byDana Kalatsky for her shopApple White NEST Flour Sack Towel She creates some of the most lovely handmade goodsthat I know you will love! Dana married her art school sweetheart and lives in Arizona with their 3 children.Her passion is creatingand she loves to paint, knit & sew.She opened her Etsy shop after dreaming of it {Read More}