Antique Graphics Wednesday – 1860’s Fashions & Advertisements

It’s time for another Antique Graphics Wednesday!

In an effort to make all the graphics I post each week more easily retrievable, I’ve created a new tab at the
top of my page titled, “Antique Graphics to Print”where all of the graphics are grouped together by category, so follow the link if you’d like to see all the graphics I’ve featured at Knick of Time.  Just click on the images on that page to be taken to the original post with the original, full-size images.

This will be ever-growing as new graphics are added to the collection each week.

All of the images I’m posting today come from my stock of 1800’s Peterson’s Magazines.

Isn’t this gown stunning?
There was a lot of bleed-through from the image on the other side of the page, so I’ve eliminated all of the background and it’s a PNG image now, so it can be layered over other images, like the antique French document below.
Antique French Fashion Gown Illustrations Royalty Free Graphics via Knick of Time
Antique French Fashion Gown Illustrations Royalty Free Graphics via Knick of Time

Here’s an advertisement for scissors from the magazines.

Each magazine had a 2-page spread featuring the Paris fashions at the time, so the gals in America could get their French fix.  Certainly not much different than the gals of today, was it?
I left this page in its original form, because I think the aging on the page shows the authentic look of a page that is 144 years old, and would look wonderful when printed for a craft or altered art project.  It honestly felt a little bizarre   to hold a page in my hands that is THAT old!  It makes me wonder just how many other women have gazed at these pages in all those years.
Antique French Fashion Gown Illustrations Royalty Free Graphics via Knick of Time
I hope you’ve enjoyed this little journey back through time through these images.

Next week I’ll try to bring you more of the ads from the 1916 Etude magazine that I showed you a few weeks ago.


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  1. Beautiful illustrations! You did a great job on the first image… looks fully restored. I also like the time-worn look of the other images. Sometimes it’s better to let the age show 🙂 I like the new way to find graphics also… thank you!! Have a great day 🙂

  2. Look at those dresses!! Wow…beautiful!

  3. I’m linky following you! 🙂 Would you follow me back….thanks for listing my party on your page!!

  4. So many memories come back to me with these pictures. There were some framed print from “La Mode Parisienne” in my room at my grand-mother’s…

  5. Wow, what wonderful treasures you have! Goodness, getting dressed back then took alot of work! With all those ruffles and bustles and petticoats, makes me wonder…how in the world did one go to the bathroom?? LOL…I know, not a pleasant subject, but doesn’t it ever make you wonder? 😉
    Thank you for sharing your graphics with us.

  6. wow…I can’t even imagine wearing one of those dresses! your graphics are fabulous.

  7. Such gorgeous dresses. I would love to have one. Just fabulous!


  8. angie, as always , gorgeous. Thank you SO much for sharing!!! I love them all.

  9. Adorable printables, Angie! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday!

  10. These are so pretty. Good to know that there’s a link so we can find everything at any time. Thanks for sharing Angie.

  11. I love the one with the scissors! I will have to come back and print that off this week! Thanks! andrea@townandprairie

  12. Gorgeous. Thank you

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