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I have a gorgeous GIVEAWAY for you today. Jamie of On A Lark  is gifting one Knick of Time followerwith this beautiful French Script Butterfly Collection. The double-mounted butterflies are created from an assortment ofFrench book pages, sheet music, damask & ticking prints and a touch of glitter. It’s surrounded with French script for a stunning display I have a real admiration for those who have the giftof hand-painting lifelike designs – because I am not one of them.Jamie has that gift! Her hand-painted items include {Read More}

Sonday – A Cleansed Heart

King David wrote this psalm after being confronted by Nathan the prophet about his sin with Bathsheba.  David confesses his sin to God and asks for forgiveness.  He also asks that God renew a “steadfast” spirit within him.  Steadfast –  1. Fixed or unchanging; steady. 2. Firmly loyal or constant; unswerving Though David’s sin was great, God’s forgiveness is greater. And though we don’t want to lessen the seriousness of David’s sin or the consequences that came from this sin, it is {Read More}


Have you seen shelves made out of books on Pinterest? I have and loved the idea, so I created my own recently. It’s just the right size to  hold a few small pieces, andcreate a little vignette on. I’d like to make a few more variations of these shelves, because they are fun  & easy to make out of battered, old books and it doesn’t take long to do. I screwed a shelf bracket to the bottom of the largest {Read More}

Introducing Sumaya

Many of you are world travelers,many of us are not…but wish we could be.Someday, I hope to board a planeand visit faraway places andsee totally different sights, smells and languages,not often experienced in mylittle corner of the world.Until then, visiting blogs from people all over the world gives me a fascinating glimpse into their lives and homes.Today, I’m thrilled to share a glimpseinto the life of someone who has leda very different life from me,yet we share many things in common…like our love of vintage goods.Her {Read More}

Get the Look Thursday – {Antique Farmhouse Bread Basket}

I got lucky creating this week’s  “Get the Look” project, because I wanted to get the look of this bread basket sold by Antique Farmhouse for $24, (which have sold out) but didn’t think I’d actually find a basket  with a similar style.   I had planned to just come up with a similar “Le Pain” tag and add it to a bread basket and call it close enough, but last week when I was making the rounds through thrift stores, I {Read More}

Antique Graphics Wednesday – 1888 Advertisements

My 1888 Harper’s Magazine was filled with wonderful advertisements. I shared some with you last week and have more for you today. LOVE this ladies’ boot ad! I’ve got a “thing” for buggies andwould love to spend a day ridingsome back roads in one. I have several advertisements for Pear’s Soap,but this is a new {old} one to me.I didn’t know soap could make sucha happy baby, but apparently it could! Wouldn’t you love to have this typewriter?! And a {Read More}

Good News! Everyone Can Enter!!!

For all of you non-US bloggers who wanted to enter the giveaway from the beautiful necklace from Jenny at Ambivalent Relics – I heard you loud and clear –  YOU’RE IN! The comments you’ve already left will count as your entry that  you are a Knick of Time follower. You can receive additional entries, by comment HERE. Good Luck to Everyone! Blessings, Angie Due to unethical websites stealing content, I can no longer provide a full RSS feed. I work {Read More}

Knick of Time Tuesday #31 {Vintage Style Link Party}

Welcome back to the party! Let’s do something a little different this week. In addition to linking your latest vintage-style post, I invite you to select ONE post from the past that was one of your favorites.  It may be someone else’s first time to see it.   Or, if you are like me, you have a short memory, and it will seem like the first time you’ve seen it! Please label your link, BACK TO THE PAST when you link up,  {Read More}

Ambivalent Relics GIVEAWAY

Several months ago,Jenny @ Ambivalent Relicsoffered a giveaway here and I’mthrilled to tell you that she’s graciouslyoffering another one for you today! One of you will win this beautifulVictorian Pocketwatch Necklace!It has an antiqued bronze 33″ chainwith a lobster clasp. And, yes – it is a working clock! Jenny offers a fabulous discount toKnick of Time followers also,so after her last giveaway, I boughtmyself a this Dual Time Pocketwatchwhich I absolutely love!Use the codetheknickoftimeblogfor a 30% discount on anything in her {Read More}

Sonday – {The Homeward Way}

Last night, my whole family was  home at dinnertime, which is very unusual  these days.  Usually, my oldest son is  working and my daughter and son are out with friends and my youngest son is home bemoaning the fact that  everyone else is out doing something except him. I miss the days when it was unusual for them not to all be home at dinnertime. I found this tattered old hymn page entitled, “The Homeward Way” in one of my {Read More}