Antique Graphics – Antique Advertisements from the 1800’s

I hope you love antique advertisements,
because I have some wonderful ones for you
from an 1888 Harper’s Magazine.

The paper this magazine was printed on
had a linenish texture and
I love how it shows up in print.
If you look at the larger letters,
you can really see the texture well.


Royalty Free Antique Graphic/Dr. Price's Baking Soda/printable clip art/via

Isn’t this one wonderful?!

Royalty Free Antique Graphic/Dr. Price's Baking Extracts/printable clip art/via

Royalty Free Antique Graphic/Baker's Breakfast Cocoa/printable clip art/via

Royalty Free Antique Graphic/Royal Baking Powder/printable clip art/via
Here’s the same ad, with the side text removed.
Royalty Free Antique Graphic/Royal Baking Powder Advertisement/printable clip art/via

I love this one for Italian Peppermints.

Royalty Free Antique Graphic/Italian Advertisement/printable clip art/via

Here it is again with the rest of the text removed.

Want more antique graphics?
Click on the “Antique Graphics to Print
tab at the top of the page, and you’ll
find all the past graphics I’ve posted.
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  1. These are great–thanks for posting!

  2. Wonderful…thanks 🙂 Laurel

  3. Love the Peppermints~

  4. I love these old ads! I recently stumbled upon some old magazines from the early 1900’s and I just love browsing through them. Trying to think of a project to incorporate the old ads.

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  6. can i used this for my tshirt madam?

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