Flea Bitten

I LOVE flea markets, so any day at the Flea is a good day,
but when my husband volunteers
to go to a flea market with me is a really Good Day.

He’s the perfect flea market buddy…
he rarely wants to buy anything himself
(so I have more to spend!),
he shakes his head at the appropriate
times when I ohh and ahhhh over something
{actually, he’s probably shaking his head
in bewilderment because he can’t understand
why I buy the things I buy – but I’ll pretend},
he takes my purchases to the truck so
I don’t have to stop shopping and
he runs to the ATM machine when I run out of money.
Plus, it’s just nice to spend some relaxing
time with him – away from our remodeling mess at home.
What more could a gal want in a shopping buddy?

Saturday was an really good day at the Flea.
I haven’t taken photos of everything yet,
(and of course, didn’t have my camera with me
when we were there), but here’s some of
the treasures that scratched my flea-bitten fancy.

A HUGE box of Antique Sheet Music
This is the early 1900’s stuff that
 makes my heart go pitter-patter.

He even drove the truck over to pick this
up, since it was too heavy to carry to the parking lot.
What may be music to some people’s ears,
is music to my eyes.
These old pages are gorgeously aged and
the covers often had such beautiful images on them.
I have it listed at Knick of Time on Etsy HERE.
Send me a message if you’d like some and I’ll 
give you a code for 20% off.
Yes, I did get more than sheet music.  
I also bought a bunch of fabulous metal bits, pieces and parts
that I love to use on other projects.
I love this old store candy display stand.
It is listed in my shop, but if someone doesn’t buy
it before our kitchen remodel is done,
I’ll probably change my mind and keep it.
I think it would be perfect for hanging kitchen utensils on.
Remember these old holders for your LP’s and 45’s?
(some of you young pups won’t, 
but before downloads and cd’s and cassettes and 8-tracks…
there were records – and they were cool!)
It would be perfect as a file folder organizer on a desk.
I added 2 more clocks to my collection.  These were
a screamin’ deal at both for $5.   
And there was this really cool set of 4 old barn hinges
that really tickled my fancy.  
I love the old white paint with some rust peeking through.
I also found another old wooden level.
I contemplated adding coat hooks to it, but I’ve
got too many projects going on right now,  but
maybe someone who purchases it will want to do that.
Isn’t this an adorable soda bottle?
I’ve never heard of this brand before,
but it was bottled by the Coca-Cola company.
Apparently, it held some kind of peach drink.
I love the image of this gal carrying the bushel basket…in heels, no less.
She’s got that June Cleaver look.
I was so tempted to keep this old industrial caster and
make a rolling photo display like Jane @ Mamie Jane’s
did, but if I kept everything there was a great idea
for, I wouldn’t have anything in my shop to sell, so I listed it.
We had such good luck at the flea market, we decided
to skip going to a neighborhood-wide
yard sale that was going on down the road.
Yep…I was Flea bitten smitten!
My daughter and youngest son and I
drove to St. Louis on Sunday evening to watch
one of her favorite Christian bands, Philmont.
They put on a short concert for a church
youth group there.  She was thrilled to run into
the band members before the concert when
we went to Panda Express to eat.
It was a GOOD weekend!
Hope yours was equally blessed!
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  1. Hei!
    I linked your blogg to mine and wrote few words about your etiquettes in my last post. Hope you have time to visit 🙂
    Have a sunny week ♥

  2. Love those finds at the flea! Lucky you that your hubby was there to lug that music home!!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  3. I think we are both blessed with the same type of husband! That’s exactly how mine is — sometimes he’ll ask me to explain WHY I think something is cool or he’ll say, “Now tell me, what would you do with something like that?” — he’s a gem! You scored BIG time — love that clock on the right especially! And all of that music — LOVE!

  4. Oh my – I would have grabbed that sheet music in a flash! So jealous!


  5. What wonderful finds you got. I love going to flea markets and did very well on Mother’s Day.

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