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A Prize-winning Cow and a Story

I stopped at a yard sale yesterday and found several old things and bits and pieces that I like to have on hand for projects. When I spotted these 3 old trophies, I liked the cows and the patina they had, so I decided to buy them to sell in my shop.  When I took them to the elderly man to pay, I asked him if they were his trophies.  He responded that they were. I asked him if he {Read More}

Some Things Should Stay in the Shed…{some things should not}

It’s good to be home! Two of my three older kids celebrated my return by abandoning me for the evening. Can you imagine?  They thought an evening of swing dancing in a park sounded like more fun than staying home with mom. Humpppfff….I’ll remember that. My oldest son had an excuse for being gone –  he had to work, but he didn’t call me the entire week I was gone, so my Christmas list should be pretty short this year. {Read More}

From Bike to Bug

Remember this old, rusty bike seat I showed you a few weeks ago that I made to resemble a Relique seat on a stand?    Well, someone purchased it from me (just the seat) and I inquired what they would be using it for.  The man told me he’d send me a photo when he was finished. My old bike seat is part of a bug now! Pretty creative, huh?! Never would I have imagined that old seat would become {Read More}

Family Land

My son and I are on the last leg of our trip and will be home in a few hours. It was so good to spend time with my family, but it will be good to get home to my husband and other kids.  Forgive any typos in this post – it’s hard to type on a moving train. I wanted to share with you some glimpses of the interesting  little community where my sister and her family, as well as {Read More}

PiixlWix andle Co. Giveaway Winner

This is my last evening visiting my mom and family in New Mexico.  It’s been a wonderful trip and my mom  is recovering well from her knee surgery.  I’m looking forward to getting back home, but wish I had more time here too.  I’ve been helping my sister hang decor in her living room they finished painting and she has some great “junk” I found that she didn’t even realize she had! I asked my mom to pick the winner {Read More}

Hello Violeta GIVEAWAY

Hey there, everyone!  I hope you all hada wonderful weekend.  I sure did.  I spent most of the day Sundayvisiting my mom and the evening with my sister and her family.Our visit with them is flying by so fast.  Tomorrow we planto take the kids to the zoo, visit my mom, and go to an auction in the evening,so it’ll be a busy, but fun day. Today I’d like to introduce you to Hello Violeta.Violeta is a seamstress with an {Read More}

Empty Promises

I love getting my hands on vintage frames that no longer hold photos or artwork. They may be empty, but they hold so much promising potential. With new artwork inside or converted into chalkboards,they take on a whole new look, but often they are a work of art all by themselves,and look beautiful left empty – by themselves or in a grouping. Sometimes I paint them, sometimes they don’t need an ounce of help from me. Here are a few {Read More}

Antique Graphics Wednesday – June 5 – 1920’s Photograph & Sheet Music

Sorry, I didn’t share any antique graphicswith you yesterday.  My internet was sketchy whileon the train, so I was only able to finish my postabout being on the train.  Here they are today though. I’ve got an assortment of images for you. The first is this adorable gal. Look at those dimples!  Is she cute or what? She looks like the Katie Couric of the 20’s. This is the inside cover for some beautiful sheet music. The “frame” around the title {Read More}

{Get the Look} – Antique Farmhouse Wash Tub

Once again, I’m trying to get the look of another product from Antique Farmhouse, without the price tag,and once again, it was way too easy! This Rustic Oval Wash Tub sold for $42 (sold out) I laughed when I saw it because I hada similar one that’s been sitting in my garage for months. I find these pretty regularly in thrift stores & auctions,so the thought of paying $42 for a reproductionseems a little silly to me (but thanks for {Read More}

Riding the Rails

Hi Everyone!  My son and I are really enjoying our journey. We were blessed to get what I think were the best seats on the entire train.  We’re in the last car on the train, and it only has 8 seats total and there are only 2 other people in the car with us,  so it seems almost like we have our own car. We were each able to spread out and have 2 seats, instead of 1. We passed {Read More}