Making a Spectacle!

Yesterday I showed you the wall displays I made for some tarnished silver spoons and ironstone.  Would you like to see another display I finished that will be hanging in my kitchen?

It’s a real vision, if I do say so myself!

I love old spectacles, and I’ve had several pairs

setting here and there around my house, but
I found that they kept getting pushed aside and weren’t
really a visible piece of decor, so I wanted to find
a better way to display them.  I decided a wall 
display would make them as “visible” as old spectacles should be.

I attached them to a chippy old board that my husband pulled off the outside of my workshop.

I liked it, but really wanted some antique advertising to go with it,
so I added this advertisement I found in the back of an early 1900’s yearbook.
I showed it to you last Wednesday and you can see and print the original image HERE.
Antique Eyeglasses Spectacles-chippy wood-wall display-via

This is the oldest pair.  The wire is so thin, I can’t imagine how in the world they kept them around their ears..
They look very similar to the pair worn by this woman in one of my favorite antique photographs.

Antique Eyeglasses Spectacles-chippy wood-wall display-via

I wonder about the person who wore them.
Did they ever have their photo taken while wearing their glasses?
Did that photo survive and where is it now?  I wonder if the spectacles the woman
in my photo are still around and who has them.
It’s fun to wonder.  

Antique Eyeglasses Spectacles-chippy wood-wall display-via
Antique Eyeglasses Spectacles-chippy wood-wall display-via

I know I’m not supposed to make a spectacle of myself,
but I figured it would be okay to make a spectacle display for myself.


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  1. Different but very good idea. That would look good in my husbans office.


  2. I love this Angie. What a clever and unique way to display these wonderful old glasses.

  3. How CUTE! You ought to make these for an Optometrist’s Office!!!
    I espectacally like that photo of the lady and her specs. It’s perfect!
    Blessings, Doni

  4. They look like they would be very uncomfortable to wear!

  5. Another winner! Love this display.

  6. so neat . what a great thing to collect. love the way you displayed them.

  7. I really like your idea to display them with the old advertisement. I collect old glasses also and have them propped on old books( so typical… sigh).What room are you going to hang them?

  8. What an absolutely adorable idea… very clever! xoxo

  9. I too have 3 or 4 pair that belonged to my family…
    I like this display!

  10. Such a cute way to display your vintage spectacles!

  11. I loved how you displayed them!!

  12. Cute eyeglass display very artistic. Stopped by to say hi from the blog hop.
    Come visit me sometime the tea is cold and no shoes are required. Kathy B.

  13. Love this idea! And I have a pair of spectacles I keep in my living room…

  14. great idea!!


  15. My ex mother in law used to have a pair laying on an open bible that were her fathers when he was a little boy – I always thought that was so cool.
    new follower – hope to get a follow back

  16. So sweet. The heart of the matter is so special – how difficult yet interesting life was so long ago.

  17. Came over from White Wednesday. I love old glasses and just have mine sitting around in baskets. This is such a great idea. The old ad really makes this piece special!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  18. What a great idea!

  19. This is a great way to display the old specs! 🙂

    • I have a pic of my Grandfather on his wedding day and i also have his old specks, hmmm….perhaps an idea for a new display!

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