Farmhouse Table

The final project in our kitchen remodel has finally been completed.
We got the walls, floor, cabinets, sink, ceiling, lights, etc. done,
but still didn’t have a kitchen table.
Our old kitchen table really wasn’t that old.  It was an
oak table that we bought when we moved to Missouri seven years ago,
but because of the shape of the new kitchen in Illinois, it is too wide to
fit and still leave room to comfortably walk by it.
 I’ve been batting around ideas for several weeks, trying
to come up with a new kitchen table that wasn’t going to
cost a fortune, would fit in our space, and have the farmhouse 
character I wanted for my kitchen.
The solution was to build our own.
We used the cellar door that we kept from our Missouri farmhouse for the top.
 I’m glad I could use something that we have a “history” with.
We dearly loved our Missouri home, so this door is just one
more fond reminder of it.  Here’s a total mugshot of me holding up the door 
before I started to sand it.
My husband used the legs from our old table and 
built a base to hold the table top.  The legs aren’t my first choice,
but we tried several other sets of legs, as well as
some bedposts and none of them were quite right.  
We may switch out the legs if I ever come across some I like better.
The base and legs got a few coats of paint and some light distressing.
We sanded the top down, but left a little of the original green paint.
I think it gives it a little more character and reminds us how the 
door looked when it was on our cellar.
 Leaving some of the paint helps highlight the wood grain as well.
You may be wondering why I didn’t photograph the table IN 
our newly remodeled kitchen, instead of out in our pasture.

The answer is that I still need clean up all 
the mess from remodeling and try to keep it clean for
at least 20 consecutive minutes so I can take some photos.
In my family, keeping a kitchen clean that long is a challenge.
But, the setting sun in the pasture 
provided a beautiful place to take photographs anyway.
My daughter’s horse didn’t quite know what to make of
this new thing sitting in the corner of his pasture.  It looks like
he’s kissing my table, but I placed an apricot on
the table for him and just as I was going to snap the picture of
him eating it, the apricot fell on the ground and his mouth touched the table.
 My table looks rather small sitting next to him,
but he’s a big guy.  He’s 8 years old now, 
but we got him when he was just 2 years old.
I actually still have to finish the chairs for the table.
Our old chairs are very wide and take too much space also,
so we’re using only a few of them, and I’m adding a few
mismatched chairs, and I hope to either find a bench
or talk my husband into building one.
I got the chair in this photo at an auction last year
for $5 and it came with 2 identical chairs that both 
have broken parts.  Eventually, I’ll use those 2 chairs in some
other kind of project, but I got my $5’s worth in this chair alone.
It received the same paint and distress treatment as the table.
I hope to be showing you a clean kitchen very soon!
Oh, and for the sake of total honestly…
I detest coffee.  A Coke can just wouldn’t have
had quite the same charm as coffee in an old cup and saucer though.

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  1. Table looks great! The chair is gorgeous!

  2. Hi Angie! Your table is beautiful! It’s wonderful when we can take a much admired possession and use it in a project which will surely become loved in another chapter of our lives!


  3. Love the photos in the pasture- looking forward to the big reveal!

  4. The cellar door table top is a super cool idea!

  5. It is still look good like our narra wood table and its age is more than 20 years old.
    My granny bought it when my dad was in teenage year. You need to add a little touch on it to make it look better.

  6. That’s a nice table but I LOVE the horse in the photos!

  7. Awesome table Angie! What a great thing to be able to repurpose something from your old place in such a beautiful way! Love the horse photos – hope he finally got the apricot!

  8. What a beautiful table. So nice to be able to use something now that’s been part of your history. Love the horse too!

  9. Wow! What an awesome table! I can’t wait to see the finished Kitchen! Beautiful horse!

  10. What a wonderful idea. You both did an amazing job on the table. The horse is very grand looking. Farm life is nice now, but hard when I was growing up.

  11. What?!! How can anybody hate coffee? I live for my morning cup of joe. Anyway, your table is amazing! I love that you repurposed the old door and left that yummy green paint peeking through. I can hardly wait to see the room reveal!

  12. Wow Angie, this is fabulous. What an awesome table and a great use for your old door. I really like the shape of the legs…so much character. Looking forward to seeing it in action in your new kitchen.

  13. I love the use of your cellar door for the top. They legs of the table look really good too! I don’t see a thing wrong with any of it. Beautiful work!!! 🙂

  14. Mismatched chairs are awesome! Looking forward to see your hard work. 🙂
    You know what? I’ll take that coffee and I’ll bring you a can of coke ;P

  15. What a great and clever idea. It has some history you I am sure and that is wonderful. I can’t wait to see everything finished and what chairs you use.


  16. Your table is beautiful, Angie. Farm tables are the best! I love them.
    Mary Alice

  17. Your table is beautiful, Angie! I adore the pictures of it taken in the pasture! I can see that table outdoors set up for Fall with pumpkins and such! You may have to carry it back outside again! 😉

    Thank you for sharing the table and beautiful setting at Potpourri Friday at 2805!

  18. great table, Angie, love that you were able to use a cool salvage piece from your old home! and what a gorgeous guy he is. Kids and horses just go together!!

  19. I love seeing your new farmhouse table in the pasture! It’s what drew me in! Nice job!

  20. If you invite the horse to dinner you might need a bigger chair, but I think the table will be fine.


  21. I love the legs! So nice and chunky. I want similar but smaller legs for a cabinet I want to put on our porch. I love the horse and the finish on the table and I’m totally in love with that chair!

  22. That table has so much history and charm. What a great idea to use something so special from your prior house. Many more memories will be made dining at that table!

  23. Love Love Love this table!

  24. Love the story of your sweet new table, Angie! I’ll bet that it’s just so nice to sit around it with all of the memories it has. 🙂 Your photos are just so cute with your big boy in them, too! Makes me miss my horse…. 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  25. Your farm table looks nice! Have a nice friday!

  26. Fun to see what you did with the door. The setting in the pasture was pretty cool. Love the shot of the horse with your table. Love how it all turned out!

  27. woow,,,,,,this is a great post……a reall great job…….and I also LOVE the chair 🙂
    and do not miss…




    it is FUN 🙂
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  28. I LOVE your table! Its another bit of motivation to build my own farmhouse table!

  29. Angie, this is absolutely amazing!! LOVE it!!!

  30. What a lovely table. I love the fact that the top was originally a door.

  31. I think that the legs are perfect and you know, they were blessed by your daughter’s horse. Someone needs to come up with a vintage looking Coke holder for all of our vignettes! I am a non-coffee drinker!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  32. Love your “new” table 🙂 Sweet that it has your old door for the top. Love the horse too. . . .


  33. Ok this is a great post. for awhile there I was thinking “how creative” in regards to using the door and by the end I was laughing out loud at the horse. now THERE is a happy ending to a story if I ever saw one, ha ha.

    Loved it 🙂

  34. Love your farmhouse table. You and hubby did a great job. Your daughter’s horse is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Love your new ‘old’ table. It reminds me of my dining room table that we had custom made for too much money, but yours is much nicer. I wanted it to look old and even after 10 years, it isn’t quite aged. Enjoy!

  36. Love that table, but that horse is gorgeous!!!

  37. Fabulous table!! I am hosting a giveaway to win a 50 dollar giveaway to the store HomeGoods. Would love for you to stop by My Dream Canvas. It will be nice to connect with you. Have a great week!!

  38. A nice table — and how clever. I’m sure it will be perfect in your kitchen.

  39. Angie, it looks beautiful! I love the greenish top and that you were able to use something that you’ve loved before.

    I love the horse pictures too!

    Have a great day.

  40. I love your table and like how you were able to use a bit of your history from your own home to make it! The legs on the table and very interesting and lend more charm. Your table is so pretty but you horse is just gorgeous – what a big guy he is! Did he eat the apricot! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  41. Wow….that table is beautiful…love the pictures with the horse in them too….certainly a OOAK. Found you through Gail’s MRL.

  42. Love your new table! You and your husband are so handy to just build a matching table for your new kitchen. I think using your old cellar doors was a fantastic idea.. gives it so much character! I am your newest follower! Would love for you to stop by my blog sometime!


  43. Love the table and how you used the old door. The legs are great. I think the horse would like to be served at the table.

  44. You’ve got great legs! I’d keep em.
    So nice to meet you,

  45. Oh I love it! And I wish I had a horse to take pictures with 😉

  46. Love it! What a great job and a beautiful table. The pics with the horse are great! I’d love for you to share this at my blog party, Twirl & Take a Bow at It’s every Tuesday through Sunday. This would be a great addition! Hope you can stop by!

  47. The table is absolutely gorgeous! We appreciate you linking up to our Strut Your Stuff Saturday link party! Please come back again soon! -The Sisters

  48. Visiting from Elizabeth and Co. What a beutiful table! Love that you used an old door for the top!

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