Sittin’ Pretty

I finished painting the kitchen chairs yesterday.
The two on the each end are the youngest ones,
which were part of the set from our previous kitchen table.
The rest of the chairs all came from auctions, thrift stores, or yard sales.
All the chairs were painted and distressed for a timeworn look,
except one.  Can you guess which one – [my shift key isn’t working, so pretend
there’s a question mark there.]
I wish I could carry this pretty shadow back into the kitchen with me.
 If you guessed this chair as the one bearing
original chippy paint, you were right.
Try as I might, I just can’t authentically duplicate a truly aged appearance.
Time is the master of achieving that look.

 The mismatched styles and personalities of the chairs
will be right at home in my kitchen.
 We are a rather mismatched family,
with a variety of personalities.
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  1. The photos of the dogs is hilarious! I like your mismatched chair theory. I think it’s a fun look, especially in the field.

  2. Oh Angie…you need to take a picture of all of you sitting in the chairs outside…front and back!! That would be soooooo cute!

  3. Angie… I love the mixed matched chairs painted chippy white.
    I have mix matched painted black now… I love it.
    As to the ‘bookend’ chairs on either end of your line of chairs… I had a set like that once.
    Let me just say from one HOME SCHOOL mom to another… ‘Wow! they held up?! You must have had the higher end model…because my set did not hold up well.” 🙂 Pat

  4. Your mismatched chairs are lovely. They will add some great character to your kitchen.

  5. Your chairs are going to be perfect in your kitchen. I love the various sizes and heights with the unified chippy white color.

  6. I love your mismatched chairs. It adds so much interest to the look. Now we need to see them around the table:)

  7. I have mismatched chairs too! Love it Angie!

  8. It’s ever so good of you to include the dogs in your mealtimes! Did everyone get to pick their own chair? ~ Maureen

  9. Wonderful mix of chairs…love the photos outside. I bet your kids get a kick out of your photo shoots 🙂 Love it!! Laurel

  10. I am seeing more of this, and love the look! I will definitely fit right in your beautiful kitchen!! And white looks so good.

  11. This is the cutest post! You need to frame the last photo with the dogs. hehe

    I’ve got mismatched chairs in our dining room, too. My husband doesn’t understand why I traded our newish sturdy chairs for the creaky (some wired together) odd chairs. Men!

  12. Love the assortment of chairs, and the fact that they are being used instead of thrown out or burnt. Have you tried rolling or banging the chairs with a piece of chair that would speed up the chippyness (is that a word) LOL.

  13. oops piece of CHAIN not chair, LOL.

  14. Beautiful! This is also one of my next projects for our kitchen chairs, to replace the IKEA chairs that we have now.


  15. So cute; love the shot from behind… gorgeous. The pooches are great models too! 🙂

  16. I agree with the comment above. A photo[graph of the whole family sitting in the chairs outside would have been cute! How in the world did you get your dogs to sit still? Great job and great staging!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  17. Your chairs look fantastic and so do the dogs!!



  18. Great collection of chairs and I think your paint job is great :o)

  19. I’m stopping by for a visit today from Six Sisters’ Stuff!
    There are so many creative participants in this linky party. I’m on overload pinning, following and bookmarking.
    I love how you had your chairs designated to each member of the family. Sort of reminds me of the 3 bears.

  20. I love mismatched chairs unified by paint. And I love the way you chose to photograph these. Love the last photo of your pups! Too cute!!

  21. Angie, that’s adorable. You have such a way with words and photographs!

  22. Where are the doggy chairs?

  23. These chairs are so pretty and your pics are fabulous. But I am a sucker for any picture with dogs in it. I have a friend who is thinking of going for this look so I am off to pin your chairs.

  24. Two thumbs up!

    Popped in from TTT

  25. Adore all the chairs! Thank you for sharing your project at Potpourri Friday! Remember to enter the Home Depot Giveaway!

  26. Hi Angie, I love the chairs, the setting and the dogs! Maybe you could bring the table outside and have a family picnic. It’s so inviting. Ciao Rita

  27. Hi Angie
    I just say WOOW……Lovley Job :)¨
    and do not miss……




    it is FUN 🙂
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  28. I too have mismatched chairs and I love them. 🙂 yours are great, thanks for sharing whose is whose. 😉

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