A Theme for Thursday – {banners}

I said last week that I planned to choose a theme
that would somewhat dictate what projects I would work on,
but the theme for the week just seemed to come unplanned.
I showed you this spur-of-the-moment banner I made for my family photo shoot.
And I had already made this bunting from some antique pages.
DIY repurposed book page bunting | www.knickofime.net

Then, I had a request by a customer to create a word banner

for a baby shower.   While batting around ideas with her, I found these adorable
1940’s pages from a Golden Book child’s dictionary.
I looked through my shelves of books and found covers
with colors that complimented the pages perfectly.
She decided on different pages with neutral colors,

but I was so in love with these colors, I decided to make it anyway.

I love the old-fashioned illustrations and muted primary colors.

I added clips to each book cover, so it can be used
to hold a child’s photo or artwork.  Notice the little butterfly that
landed on the chair and stayed there the whole time I was taking photos!
This banner is for sale HERE.

Here’s the banner I finished for my customer.  The words say, “my son” in Portuguese.
She also asked that I include vintage buttons on the banner.

 The large letters and sweet illustrations made these pages
perfect for a banner, but some letters that were needed were on
both sides of the same pages, so we decided to use old book pages to stencil the needed letters on.

I came across a Little Red Riding Hood book while looking for
pages and thought they were precious too, and I was on a roll,
so they became a banner also.

I can’t resist a story that starts with “Once upon a time…”, can you?

The illustrations have such a wholesome charm and the colors are really vivid.
I couldn’t stop there when I remembered I had vintage
price tags (you can print your own HERE), so I
chained them together on some cotton twill tape.
Well, I hope you are having a banner day!

I’m busy working on projects for the theme I’ll show you next week.


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  1. Love these! Lots of fun ideas.

  2. they look great!

  3. Great banners


  4. A very good post, Angie. I love banners. Time to make one for fall I think.

  5. Indeed it is a banner week! I always appreciate the inspiration you share at Potpourri Friday!

  6. A banner week, indeed! I love the children’s illustrations that you used! Great ideas!

  7. ALL of your banners are so lovely! I just love vintage papers. You are quite the photographer too, making them really pop….
    Oh boy….! LOVE!


  8. I love them all, Angie, you’re so creative!!

  9. Oh how I love banners. I just got an oilcloth chalkoard banner at the Country Living Fair.

  10. I love your banners, very creative.


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