Antique Graphics Wednesday – Clock Faces

Here are several more vintage clock faces printables, for all you clock lovers like me out there.
Vintage Clock Face Graphics
These are PNG images, so they can be layered over other images, like this.
These are ready to print on a regular letter size page.  Just right-click, save and print.



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  1. Whenever I do something different…ie, make my own Blog header…I am stinkin’ proud of myself too! I get it!!

  2. Angie…I am super proud of you for figuring out (with son’s help) how to do that…I certainly cannot! I, too, am proud to have a blog (even if it is supposedly the easiest kind to set up and maintain) because I am such a computer dummy. Thanks for sharing those images with us (so we won’t have to do it ourselves).

  3. You should most certainly be proud. I have been wanting to learn Photoshop for a long while but haven’t been brave enough to attempt. So true that they forget how many times we have/had to show them something before they learned it.

  4. Well, *I* am proud of you! I have no idea how to do what you do!

  5. Great work Angie … I am sure I can find a lot of uses for these.
    Be proud.
    Audrey Z.

  6. I Like it.., old clock face.., it’s very amazing. thanks for your share

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