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Point & Shoot

Today I’m going to talk to you about Point and Shoot. Specifically, about pointing and shooting a can of spray paint at your old point and shoot camera, to turn it into a photo display stand. I have a few cameras in my junk drawers that have been retired from service. I don’t like donating them to thrift stores, because unless they are collectible cameras, no one else wants an old camera that may or may not work, so thrift {Read More}

Repurposed Tape Measure DIY Projects

As usual, I found myself working on theme items this week for my shop.  I don’t usually try think of themes to work on…they just happen. A customer asked me to create 3 measuring tape bracelets for her and I only had one made up, so I got busy making some more. Then someone else ordered another one, and someone else ordered another one. I knew my week was going to be filled with numbers. I decided to create some {Read More}

Antique Graphics Wednesday – 2 Winter Sheet Music Pages

Here are 2 really pretty pages of antique sheet music with a winter theme. I hope you enjoy them both! {CLICK ON EACH IMAGE TO VIEW & PRINT FULL SIZE}  Click here for more free printable Christmas music pages. Blessings, Angie

Evergreens and Pine Cones

Earlier this week I shared some pretty ways to display evergreens and pine cones, so today I have some wonderful pine cones images you can use for your winter projects. These images come from an antique Field Book of Natural History.      Check more graphics by clicking on the tab “Antique Graphics and Photography Printables”, located at the top of this page, under my header. Blessings, Angie

Knick of Time Tuesday #62

Welcome back to the 62nd This is the place to share anything  old, treasured, passed-down or tattered. Share anything vintage (or newly created to look that way!) You are welcome to share items that are for sale,as long as they are vintage items (over 20 years). Have you added my button to your post or sidebar?Please do so before you link up! If you plan to pin any of these images to Pinterest, PLEASE do some from the original posters blog {Read More}

Pine Cone Projects You Can DIY

Pine Cone Projects The wonderful thing about Christmas decorating, is that you can create beauty using just natural elements provided by the good Lord. One of my favorite elements is pine cones, and you can usually find them free for the picking – if not in your own yard, then from a friend, or in a park.  I constantly pick up pine cones when on walks and have baskets of them all over, but I thought it would be nice {Read More}

Time to Shine

This week, one of my regular customers from Mexicotold me she had lots of photos of productsshe’s purchased from me on her Facebook page.She sells the most lovely candles in Mexicoand has purchased countless candle holders andother pieces from me over the last few years.I wish she had an Etsy shop, because she has candlesI know you all would love, but at least you canbe inspired by the photos of her candles. It’s her “time to shine”! Here are just {Read More}

Antique Farmhouse Seed Packet Prints

If there’s one thing cold weather and winter are good for, it’s planning next spring’s garden, right? I really do not have a green thumb, and although I love gardens…I don’t want to be the one to do the work in them. I recently purchased a bunch of antique French flower seed packet labels, not really knowing what I’d do with them, I just knew I liked them. When, I saw that Antique Farmhouse was selling a set of 9 Seed Packet Prints for $182, {Read More}

{Insiders} Cyber Monday SALE Starts NOW

I’ve been stocking my virtual shelvesin preparation for Cyber Monday,and although the sale doesn’t officially beginuntil midnight on November 25th on Etsy, it starts right NOW –exclusively for my blog and Facebook followers!You get first dibs on everything, before itopens up to regular Etsy shoppers! Details:No items can be put on reserve.Orders must be paid for through Paypal or credit card.Only 1 discount per item is allowed. Please use the correct discount code,according to the number of items you are purchasing.10% {Read More}

The Lord is My Portion…

Wishing you, and yours a blessed Thanksgiving. Angie View Verse of the Day Due to unethical websites stealing content, I can no longer provide a full RSS feed. I work too hard to produce original and inspiring content to have it stolen by others. Thank you for your understanding – I appreciate each one of you that take time out of your day to visit Knick of Time!!