Repurposed Tape Measure DIY Projects

Repurposed tape measure projects by Knick of Time |
As usual, I found myself working on theme items
this week for my shop.  I don’t usually try think
of themes to work on…they just happen.

A customer asked me to create 3 measuring tape
bracelets for her and I only had one made up,
so I got busy making some more.

Then someone else ordered another one,
and someone else ordered another one.
I knew my week was going to be filled with numbers.

I decided to create some matching earrings as well.

Repurposed Tape Measure Earrings a repurposed and upcycled project by Knick of Time

Repurposed Tape Measure and Button Bracelets by Knick of Time |

Since I had all the supplies out,
I decided to create some other bracelets
from another antique measuring tape I had just brought home.

Each one is a little different, with different buttons on them.

Repurposed Tape Measure and Button Bracelets by Knick of Time

Repurposed Tape Measure and Button Bracelets by Knick of Time |

I started working on another coat rack
and painted it with chalkboard paint, but it seemed
a little too plain, so I added some of the tape measure
to the top of it.  I fell in love with the old schoolhouse
look it now has.  I think it would be great
to write the family member’s names above the hooks,
and leave little messages as well.

Repurposed Bed Side Rail Chalkboard Coat Rack by Knick of Time |

I distressed along the edges and sanded
the coat hooks, so it all looks really aged.

Repurposed Bed Side Rail Chalkboard Coat Rack/a salvaged and upcycled project by Knick of Time |

This baby is really long – over 67 inches,
so it will work well for an entryway.

Repurposed Bed Side Rail Chalkboard Coat Rack by Knick of Time|

Since I was on a roll, I decided to  work on another repurposed tape measure project.

I made some “old school” looking wooden hangers.

Repurposed Wood Pants Hanger Tape Measure Projects repurposed and upcycled by Knick of Time |

Old book prints and maps look wonderful displayed on them.


In addition to creating things with cloth measuring tapes,
I also listed 2 wooden folding rulers in the shop as well.

Repurposed Folding Tape Measure Star DIY Projects by Knick of Time

Repurposed Folding Tape Measure by Knick of Time


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  1. The bracelets are adorable, Angie, and I love the coat rack.♥ The tape measure adds just the perfect touch! xoxo

  2. Love the bracelets!
    Sew cute! 🙂 Pat

  3. Cute, cute cute…great ideas! LOVE the bracelets 🙂

  4. Last Christmas I made my BFF a bracelet out of part of the folding kind of measure and wrote something mushy about how she measures up as a friend. Those things are not as easy to bend nicely as they look, I wish I would of thought of a vintage fabric one, that would of been much easier.


  5. Very cute ideas, I like the star.


  6. You are infinitely clever!

  7. Those bracelets and earrings are just too cute!! What a unique idea!!

  8. Wow, you really are on a roll Angie! So many wonderful creations! I walked past some old beds stacked up at the thrift store today and thought of you 😀


  9. Love those adorable bracelets!

  10. beautiful and unique- love them!

  11. all soooo cute! great ideas, and I got another one from yours. =)


  12. I just tucked one of my vintage measuring tapes into a sewing vignette, but you have given these tapes a creative twist I’d never have thought of!

  13. the earrings are so cute and would be perfect for someone who sews! (NOT me) hahahah

    great stuff angie!

  14. I am wiping away my tears… just finished listening to Strange Advance “We Run” from the 80’s because I was missing my brother who died from cancer at the age of 31 in1990… and this song was a favourite of his. Then I turned to FB and linked to your website and lo and behold this page with the name “Billy” and I kinda freaked out and started crying… my brother’s name was Billy,

  15. thank you for sharing all the wonderful ideas. love chalk board coat rack, and bracelets…and all of it.
    Hope you do not mind if I make a couple for my little store here in Eugene, Oregon.
    If I do, and share on my FB page, I will certainly give you the credit for ideas.

    Is that OK?

    thanks and blessings

  16. Love all these ideas!

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