Thursday’s Theme {A Chair Affair}

I love old wooden folding chairs.
They always sell well in my shop, so I never
pass them up when I find them at a reasonable price.
Usually, I find just one or two at a time,
but a few weeks ago, I got 36 antique wooden
folding chairs at an auction – enough
for seating at a small reception!

They all appear to have come
from one business – which according to the back
of some of the chairs was a funeral home.

The tops all have the same style, but the legs have 3 different styles.
Some have a single wooden cross bar in the front;
some have double wooden cross bars,
and some have metal cross bars.
The seats came in 2 slightly different styles.

Since I had so many of them,
I decided I would play around and paint some,
so I painted this one white, distressed it, and added No. 1 to the front.
White Wooden Folding Chair - White with Number No. 1 Typography - Other Lettering Available
I thought they would make great chairs for a bride and groom,
so I also added the option to have, “Mrs.” or “Mrs.” put on the
front or back of the top, although I’d be willing to add
other words as well.  It’s available HERE.
White Wooden Folding Chair - White with Number No. 1 Typography - Other Lettering Available
I wiped off some of the paint on the seat,
allowing the grain of the faux leather to show.
White Wooden Folding Chair - White with Number No. 1 Typography - Other Lettering Available
You’ll never guess what I did with another one.
Go ahead, take a guess!
You wouldn’t have to be a great guesser,
to know I created a chalkboard on the
front and back of this one.  It looks
similar in style to the chalkboard table
I made and sold – old schoolish.

 I painted the seat as well, then distressed
it so it looks like a worn chalkboard surface,
although I doubt you’d want to write where you sit.

I don’t mind some chipped pieces of wood
on pieces like this, because it adds to the overall
aged look, when you distress them and
purposely accent the imperfections.
This chair is available HERE.
The unpainted chairs at the top of the post
are available HERE.  I have plenty of them too!

Remember I said I’ve sold a lot of folding chairs?
Well, here are all my past chairs!


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  1. Ha! I love these. The bride and groom chairs are sweet. I had a chuckle at the “don’t write where you sit” statement. Just last week my grand-daughter used her sidewalk chalk to draw pretty pictures (scribbles, she’s 3 yrs.old) on my cheap Dollar General lawn chairs… everybody had a good laugh at my pink butt, as I sacheted across the yard!!

    enjoyed seeing your chairs! My parents used to have about 20 or so wooden folding chairs when I was a kid…wonder what happened to those. ~ Pat

  2. I recently gave donated a couple of wooden chairs that I found while clearing out my mother’s house. How stupid of me!

  3. Love these, Angie. Your creativity is always inspiring!

  4. These are just gorgeous!

  5. I love the white ones. So chic. I think the chalkboard one is very creative, but how could you sit in it without getting chalk on your back? Silly girl.

  6. Angie, they are all so cute. I really like the white one. I also love that they can be folded up for storage. I love a folded chair hanging on a wall as decor. Great score girl:)

  7. Angie, I love all these chairs they are so pretty. I am with Dawn I really like the white one.


  8. I have one vintage folding chair in the garage from sales this summer. I’m pinning these ideas, I was at a loss what to do with it but now I have a few.


  9. lol, how did I know you were going to use your chalkboard paint? the chairs are great!

  10. You definitely scored big on the chairs!!! Wish I was as lucky! Terrific wedding idea! =o)

  11. Love them, and the bride and groom chairs are a great idea, wish I had thought of that when my daughter got married in May. I have four chairs identical to the one on the bottom left in your first photo.

  12. Do you see me smiling? Wow, 36 chairs all in one haul!! These are such an awesome find and I love what you’ve done with a few of them. Very clever and creative Angie.

  13. Angie … good score on the chairs. Love that you painted some of them. The white one is my fav.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  14. It just occurred to me that maybe you should be in the chair RENTAL business : )

  15. Chairs are so much fun! It is interesting that chairs sell so well in your shop, my girlfriend has a hard time selling chairs in hers. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. I laughed when I saw the name of your post! I have a thing for chairs. I am drawn to them. My husband says that our home cannot hold another chair! I have an attic full of folding chairs as well. Love the chalk board one. Stopping by from Wow Us Wednesday and would love for you to visit me at Still Woods Farmhouse.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. You certainly hit the Motherlode of Vintage Wooden Folding Chairs! Having so many gives Creative leeway to making some look unique and see what sells best too.

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert… Dawn… The Bohemian

  18. What an awesome chair collection! Each one has so much character!

  19. Oh my gosh, these are so so cool. LOVE the one painted white, but really they’re wonderful as is! What a win!

  20. How do you decide if an “old chair” is worth just staining or painting it? And if you paint it – what do you do to the hardware?

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