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12 from 2012

I thought I’d share the top 12 posts & projectsfrom 2012 with you (excluding giveaways and the weekly link party). If you’re a fairly new visitor here, I hope you enjoy these,and those of you who have been aroundawhile will probably remember most of them. #1 post – both in page views and comments wasour remodeled kitchen.  It received 154 commentsand 8,375 page views.  Thank you all who came to see it!In all honestly, it’s never been as clean as theday {Read More}

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow…

A few summers ago, I bought this piece at an auction. It was the drop-down “desk” front partoff an antique secretary. I love it when I find pieces likethis, because not only do theyhave “history” behind them, butI can usually get them at a decentprice because not many peopleare looking for broken things andparts of things at auctions, which isusually what I have my eye out for. I  a d o r e  this piece.Truly, adore it.I painted it black andturned {Read More}

Knick of Time Tuesday #66

Welcome back to Knick of Time Tuesday!I hope you had a wonderful  Christmas, shared with your family.We enjoyed a nice, relaxing day at home yesterday.  Because Christmas fell on a Tuesday,I’m starting the party a little latethis week, but I didn’t want you to miss theChristmas features from last week’s party. Since today is Wednesday though, I’ll alsoshare a few antique graphics that I normallyshare on Wednesdays. This is a 1911 advertisement forLowney’s Cocoa, that was kindly sent to me {Read More}

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, one and all! May God bless you and your family richly. I’d like to share one more antique graphic for Christmas with you all. This cover illustration is from a 1908 magazine called, “The American Woman”. It shows a mother reading the Christmas story from the Bible to her little girl. The banner behind the image has a portion of a Bible passage on it.  This page is a little tattered, but given it is104 years old, it’s {Read More}

My Christmas Gift…My Daughter

Twenty years ago, the best Christmas giftI’ve ever received was born…My only daughter, Meghan.She was a true gift, in the deepest sense of the word.Another mother made the difficult decision,to give this precious little baby to another mother…me.May God abundantly bless my beautiful daughter,and bless her mother and their family on this day,and in the future as well. God is good.May you experience His love this Christmas season, Angie View Verse of the Day Due to unethical websites stealing content, {Read More}

Angie, Get Your Gun!

I love old wood. I especially like unusual old wood. When I’m at an auction, I’m always on the lookout for really old wood, preferably on things that are broken or missing parts, because those are often the things other people don’t want. When I spotted this old wooden shotgun stock, that appears someone intended to make a gun with, I couldn’t pass it up. I wasn’t sure what I would do with it, I just know my bidding finger {Read More}

I’m Off Visiting at My Repurposed Life

I’m thrilled to be guest postingover at My Repurposed Life today,sharing a quick, easy and inexpensivegift that’s perfect if you need a last-minutegift, but is thoughtful as well.I hope you’ll drop by and visit me there. A special thanks to Gail for welcomingme there today!Blessings, Angie View Verse of the Day Due to unethical websites stealing content, I can no longer provide a full RSS feed. I work too hard to produce original and inspiring content to have it stolen {Read More}

British Bling…Spot On

Ahhh…The British.They have the best accent and thefunnest expressions, don’t they? My daughter is a fan of all things British,so I thought I’d give her a little British bling for Christmas.Nothing super blingish, because she’s isn’t that type,just a few fun things I think she’ll enjoy. She is in need of a new pillowcase,so I typed the definition of England froma dictionary and added “coolest accents in the world”,because their accent definitely defines them. I also purchased a t-shirt for her {Read More}

Thursday’s Theme {Signs}

I’m still in the process of working on this week’s theme, so I don’t have it ready to share yet, but in the meantime, I’ll show you a roundup of signs I’ve created. I’m also working on a new batch of coat racks – still trying to make a bigger dent in my wood pile. Some of these signs, I know I’ve shared with you before; some I haven’t….I think. Seriously, there are days I can’t remember if I actually wrote {Read More}

Antique Christmas Tree Printable Image

I just stumbled upon this adorable image from the remnants of an early 1900’s reader. I love the inclusion of the American flag as ornaments and as the tree topper. Here’s the image with the background removed,  so it can be layered over other images. Blessings, Angie   View Verse of the Day Due to unethical websites stealing content, I can no longer provide a full RSS feed. I work too hard to produce original and inspiring content to have it {Read More}