Frosty’s Friends – Sock Christmas People

I like decorations that you can leave
up all winter and these sock snow people
are a fun, easy project you can make in about 20
minutes, and you can personalize them
to match the members in your family.

The only things you need to make them are:
a long sock
orange Sculpey clay
hot glue gun
Sharpie marker
thick string or yarn
tiny sticks
flannel scraps for a scarf
an apron for a mother snow person
add a pom pom to the top of the hat
use doll accessories or small toys to personalize

1)  Take a little piece of Sculpey clay
and form a carrot nose.  You can scratch tiny
lines in it, to make it look like a carrot.  Bake it according
to directions (about 10 minutes).
2)  While the carrot is baking, pour rice into your sock,
leaving at least 2 inches unfilled at the top.
3)  Use the yarn or string to tie it off on top,
then decide whether your snowman will
have 2 sections or 3 and tie those sections off.
4)  Fold over the excess part of the sock at the top
to form the snow cap.
5)  Glue buttons on & cut a scrap of flannel or
other fabric, then tie it around the neck for a scarf.
6)  Use a Sharpie to draw eyes & mouth.
7)  Poke very tiny holes in the sides of the body
where you want the “arms” to go, then
add some hot glue to the ends of the sticks
and push them into the body.
8)Add any extra bits and pieces to give
your snow people individual personalities.

My husband gave my daughter that guitar ornament,
and she decided to add it to her snow person.
I made the snowbaby and cut the sock
much shorter – I may add a tiny baby blanket to him as well.

Make a whole village of them!

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  1. Angie- I have my granddaughters coming for the weekend and I was looking for a project they could make for their Mom for a Christmas present. This is is! After we do them I will do a post with a link back to you. These are SOOOO cute and simple enough for even the 5 year old- xo Diana

  2. Glad you like them, Diana! I look forward to seeing your snow people. Have fun with those granddaughters!

  3. I love ’em but that could be because my oldest two made some for grandparents when they were small.


  4. I loved this clever idea ! They are cute and we can make more and recycle our sock !!
    Have a nice weekend !

  5. very cute snowmen angie! 🙂


  6. Oh they are so very cute

  7. Awesome, I have a ton of old socks to use up!

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