I Took Your Advice

Well, I took your advice and did it.
I painted my piano white.
I wish I could show you some gorgeous photos of it,
but between a junky camera and horrible lighting,
these will have to do.
Sadly, my family must have little faith in my abilities,
because when my 18-year-old-too-big-for-his-britches-middle-son
saw me with my paint brush in hand, he freaked out.
“What the heck are you doing?”, he said.
“Painting the piano white.”, I replied.
“You’re going to ruin it!”, he said.
At this point, I had some little glimmer of hope that he
actually cared about old antiques and was afraid
I was detracting from its original look by painting it.

 I should have known better.
“If you ruin it, we’re going to have to
carry that thing back out of here!”, he said.
(My Christmas shopping list just got shorter.)
I let him know that I had 30-some people
who told me they thought it was a great idea and I was
just taking their advice (hoping he’d realize that
at least 30-some other people actually have
the same taste that I do in some things…
he thinks I’m the sole nutcase.)
FAMILY…always there to show they have faith in you.

 He didn’t comment when it was finished,
but I guess he was relieved when he didn’t hear me
say I hated how it looked, and he’d need to
rent a tow truck to pull it out of our living room.

 The rest of the family didn’t even notice I painted the piano –
I had to point it out to them.
Then, I got a few, “Oh yeah,…that looks nice.” responses.
There’s no place like HOME, is there?

My poor, pitiful little manger scene,
with its broken roof and crumbling moss,
has been battered by time and was cheap to begin with,
but Christ’s original birthplace wasn’t too fancy either.



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  1. So glad you painted it white. It is just stunning now. I had to laugh when you said some of your family never noticed it had been painted. It took my hubby 3 years once to notice I had purchased new living room furniture. LOL

  2. I do like the white! I guess you can always count on white paint. Isn’t it nice to have the support of family. I think that’s why we all blog!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  3. I love it in white! It looks great!

  4. I love it! It looks great and fits in with your style. The sweet manger is just right…just how it should look! Sweet hugs, my friend!

  5. Looks great…I know you will enjoy it!!! 🙂

  6. I love the way you write! 🙂 The piano looks great with its new white coat. You did well!! 🙂

  7. Angie, it looks absolutely gorgeous! I’m so glad you painted it white!!! love Rani

  8. The piano looks amazing, but a well-loved Nativity always steals the show 😉

  9. I am so glad someone else has family (men) who do not really get our love for white, old and chippy. My husband isn’t a big fan so his room is brown LOL! Love the piano.

  10. Sorry, but I’m laughing at your family’s lack of interest in your furniture transformations!

  11. Haven’t you noticed that men usually always go for the natural wood look? This post was well done and I so love your white piano!

  12. Angie, Your family is so much fun. Love the piano in white, too.

  13. Ha! Love the Christmas list comment…. and yes, I am so there with the family not noticing thing. It used to be I would wait for hubby to notice a change i made to the house. And wait. And wait. And get PO’d that he never did.

    So now I just point things out to him directly…


  14. It is just BEAUTIFUL!! Good job and good decision!! Making changes on big pieces of wood can be really tough.

  15. Nice new paint job! And your decor pictured on this post is very homey as well.

  16. Well I like it. And what’s with 18 year old males anyway? Mine always tells me I’m making the house look old by bringing in and painting all this “junk”. He calls my prized painted pieces junk?


  17. Angie your piano looks BEAUTIFUL painted!!! I painted mine years ago and I have NEVER regretted it! LOVE the style of your piano too!

  18. Reading your post cracked me up! your family is adorable and so are you. The white looks awesome! Well done!

  19. I love it!!! But, what would it look like if you distressed it and waxed it too? Just kidding! 😉

  20. hahaha…gotta love kids! back in the 70’s my mom painted our antique upright green and then distressed it with black. at least that was the plan. for the next 30 years we had a dark wood upright piano with a green (no distressed) top. love our families. :0)

  21. I love it! You are so brave to have painted it, but it certainly was well worth your effort.

  22. If this is ruined, please come make a disaster of my house!


  23. We get it even if they don’t! It looks great! Well done! (Husbands and sons? Never listen to their opinions! They don’t have vision like women do! x)

  24. Yep, sounds like my family too!! I love it in white — really shows off the innards!

  25. You’ve got me laughing again. If there was a white elephant in the middle of the room, do you suppose the menfolk would notice? Only if it was blocking the TV. :@

    I LOVE your piano painted white!!! You’ve even got me thinking of painting my very similar piano!

  26. I for another, love ole piano & your writing. My gosh it is only paint, next year you might like to red stripe it and call it a candy cane! Men just aren’t as creative. Your home is wonderful! Merry Christmas Angie.

  27. I think your piano is beautiful! Family!! I bought a huge old blanket chest at a yard sale last summer, thinking my daughter would flip over it, I plan to paint it and make it beautiful. She has been over at least three times since then, it is sitting in the living room, IN FRONT OF THE FRENCH DOORS TO THE DECK, where not one piece of furniture has ever sat before. She has still not noticed it! As for the piano, my youngest daughter was standing and staring thoughtfully at mine one day. I thought perhaps she was remembering her childhood, when she was taking lessons, and we would sit together and play. Awww, she is sentimental about it, how sweet!! Then she spoke “Mom, when you die, can I have the piano? That would bring a good price on Craig’s list”. Sigh.

  28. Gorgeous!! I’m glad you did it! Put a note in your son’s stocking saying you just bought a new piano and he not only has to remove the old one, but pick up and move in the new one…and its Bigger!!and you love him so much you got him a years worth of piano lessons. Psych!!!
    Really though. It’s beautiful.

  29. The piano looks great in her new outfit! Very stylish and more up to date, a real fashionista! I love it and I think your family does too…no complaints, that’s the first clue! It is always a bit of a shock when you make that big of a change, it looks much brighter, and I love the contrast with the insides now…not to mention your decorations on top stand out more as well! Good call listening to our advice! LOL! Really, it’s gorgeous!

  30. Love the piano, but really love the manger scene! I have one that is a little worn, but just love it! As for teenage boys… I think they still sell coal!

  31. I LOVE what you’ve done by painting your piano, and I like the way you’ve styled it. It looks wonderful with the front panel down.
    Your son was wrong!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  32. LOVE it!!! Looks great…and perfectly decorated…like usual 😉

  33. Gotta love kids!!! It’s amazing white:) Merry Christmas!

  34. love it!!!


  35. Looks beautiful! Great job ~ I keep toying with the idea of painting my ancient maple bedroom set. Maybe when the weather gets warmer! Thanks for the inspiration.

  36. Love the White! Looks wonderful! My Mother did the same thing when we were growing up- our piano must have been five different colors over the years!

  37. I love how someone is crazy enough to paint a piano. I’m taking my parent’s old piano eventually and right now its ugly and old looking (not nice antique-y or anything). White may just do the trick!

  38. It looks gorgeous in white!! Have a wonderful Happy New Year 🙂

    xoxo, Tanya

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