Pass It On to the Next Generation

I had a ridiculously busy day today,
full of 5 basketball games and 1 son taking the ACT,
so I didn’t finish any new projects, but I did want
to share with you this absolutely charming
cover from a 1914 “The Modern Priscilla” magazine.
This illustration shows, what I assume to
be, a grandmother teaching her granddaughter how to tat (or is it tatt?).

I played around a little with the image with Picmonkey,
so here’s an altered version of the image.

I fondly remember my grandmother attempting
to teach me to crochet when I was young.
She made wonderful doilies and little crocheted stars
that I hang on my Christmas tree
that are treasured keepsakes for me.

I was an awful pupil back then, but years
later when she become ill and was in the hospital,
and we knew her life was drawing to a close,
I decided I would try once again to learn to crochet.
She passed away on my birthday, 18 years ago,
and my 1st finished afghan was my parting “gift” to her.

My grandmother was every bit as lovely
as the elderly lady shown in the image,
complete with her beautiful, white hair
tucked neatly on her head.  This is
her, 2 years before her death, holding
my newborn daughter.

The magazine page was kindly sent to me by Audrey @ Timeless Treasures.

Do you have a skill that someone else taught you?
Pass it on!

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  1. What a beautiful sentiment, thanks for posting that photo of your beloved Grandmother and your dd, so sweet!

  2. What a lovely image you found and what a lovely memory of your Grandmother. If we’re lucky, we’ll get to grow up and grow wise and teach skills to our own grandchildren. My Nanna taught me how to make the best Christmas cakes.

  3. Angie- What a lovely post- It takes me to your title Knick of Time-makes me think that you learned to crochet in the KNICK OF TIME before your grandmother passed. She looks like a wonderful woman. I wish I had learned to tat-which my grandmother was a master at doing. Blessings- xo Diana

  4. Angie, your grandmother reminds me so much of mine. Mine passed away many years ago, 1984 and my mom just passed away in Nov. sweet memories. Merry Christmas, Carol

  5. How beautiful… brought back memories of my Nanny… she didn’t teach me to crochet, per se, but would help me understand a stitch or pattern when I got in a pinch. My Nanny was buried in her long gown that I made for her to wear to my sister’s wedding. It was a simple pattern, a lovely peach color with only ric-rac touches to the collar. She was so pleased that day and the best accent to her dress was her lovely smile. Your nana was beautiful, too.

  6. What a lovely post. The picture of your grandmother is so beautiful, and that could be my own beloved granny sitting there, that is just the way she wore her hair. She has been gone many, many years, but I still miss her. She taught me so much, including how to crochet.

  7. What a beautiful picture of your grandmother and daughter. A lovely memory to treasure.
    Debbie 🙂

  8. Hi Angie … So happy that you were able to save that beautiful picture from “The Mondern Priscilla” magazine. Those pages are so fragile … I am surprised they turned out so good. You are working wonders and glad you are enjoying them and passing them on to others. Thanks for the reference to Timeless Treasures, but I was so happy to find someone that would take them. Beautiful memories of your Grandmother and what a beautiful woman.
    Christmas Blessings,
    Audrey Z.

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